John 19

John 19 – Today is Day 19 of the 21 Day Gospel of John Challenge. Today read the 19th chapter of the Gospel of John. #John19 #BGBG2

John 19

John 19 - Today is Day 19 of the 21 Day Gospel of John Challenge. Today read the 19th chapter of the Gospel of John. #John19 #BGBG2

There are 3 Headers with 42 verses in the 19th Chapter of John. In the 19th Chapter of John, you will read about the crucifixion of Jesus. (Easter Story).

1. The Crown of Thorns

Verses 1-15

Pilate had Jesus scourged (whipped as punishment). He was beat with a cat o’ nine tails. They whip had sharp items to impel the person being punished and to do harm. We know that Jesus was beat so badly, no normal person could stand it. Plus, His flesh was shredded like ribbons.

Oh course, during this beating, Jesus was mocked and made fun of.

Even Pilate said he found not guilt in Jesus. Pilate also talked to Jesus again saying he had authority to have Him Crucified or not. Jesus let Pilate know …

“You would have no authority over Me, unless it had been given you from above; for this reason he who delivered Me to you has the greater sin.”

John 19:11

Pilate was trying to release Jesus, but the Jews kept pestering Pilate to do something. But, we all know that the way Jesus was taken into custody and being before Pilate and having to be crucified was all part of God;s Plan to redeem us.

2. The Crucifixion

Verses 16-30

Jesus was sent out to be crucified. Carrying His own cross. He was taken to the Place of a Skull, which is called Golgotha in Hebrew. (Γολγοθᾶ) See Strong’s G1115. It was said that the form of the place resembled a skull, thus the name.

On top of the Cross Jesus was on, had written in three languages (Hebrew, Latin and in Greek) …


John 19:19

He was also crucified with two other men, one on each side of Him.

Hebrew using Google Translate

“ישוע הנגזר, מלך היהודים.”

Greek using Google Translate


Latin using Google Translate

“Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum”.

Using those translations above, could help you see maybe what the writing would have looked like. I know that using Google Translate is not always the best option.

Of courses the Jewish leaders didn’t like that being above Jesus, because they didn’t see Him as as King. But Pilate said what I have written, I have written. Meaning it is so and will stay.

Part of His Crucifixion we know the soldiers took His garments (clothes) and casted lots, they were betting. Especially the tunic Jesus wore, it was woven into one piece and they didn’t want to cut it.

The Gospel of John records people standing near the Cross of Jesus …

  1. His mother, Mary
  2. His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas
  3. Mary Magdalene
  4. The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

The three Marys’ and the disciple whom Jesus loved, in the Gospel of John, his name wasn’t mention.

He mentioned to His Mom behold your son, pointing to that disciple that Jesus loved, and then likewise, said to him, behold your mom. So He was telling him to take care of His mom, and His mom to do likewise, as if they were mother and son. Note that Jesus addressed His mom as a woman.

Then Jesus said It is Finished! Tetelastai You can learn more about that in that blog post!

4. Care of the Body of Jesus

Verses 31-42

They had to take down the body of Jesus, so His Body would not be on the cross during the Sabbath. Jews saw the Sabbath as a Holy Day. The Jewish Sabbath is on Saturday.

No bones were broken on Jesus. It was customary for them to break the legs of those on the cross, so it will speed up the dying process. With broken leg bones, they couldn’t push themselves up to get air and breath.

The soldiers broke the bones of the two criminals on each side of Jesus. When they got to Jesus they saw He was already dead and did not break his leg bones. They did pierce Him with a spear to make sure He was dead. Out came blood and water, the water in the blood was proof He was dead.

Joseph of Arimathea, came to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus so they can bury Him.

The Body of Jesus was anointed, as customary for the dead to help prevent smells of decaying body and other reasons as well. So Jesus was placed in the tomb.

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