Make Easter Eggs Last

Make Easter Eggs last, make hard boiled eggs last. Families gather on Easter to participate in many different traditions that have been passed down through time.

Make Easter Eggs Last

Make Easter Eggs last, make hard boiled eggs last.

One such tradition is coloring Easter eggs. Millions of eggs are harvested and sold this time of year to be included in Easter festivities. However, soon after egg hunts have been completed and family dinners are brought to the table, those colored eggs may be relegated to the trash. When colored with food-grade dyes, such as those manufactured and readily available around Easter, the eggs remain safe to eat. Colored eggs that are stored in a refrigerator can last up to a week if their shells remain intact.

Peeled eggs may last up to five days, says the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. Once eggs are boiled and dyed, they should be promptly put into the refrigerator to keep them fresh and edible. It’s adviseable to use plastic, wood or papier-mâché eggs for Easter egg hunts, as eggs made of such materials will not spoil. Otherwise, hide and refrigerate hard-boiled eggs if this task can be completed within two hours. After that time frame, the eggs have the potential to spoil. By eating colored eggs, you can reduce waste and add a tasty appetizer to Easter meals such as making deviled eggs.

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