How to get Free Gospel Tracts Sent Via Snail Mail

Free Gospel tracts – How to get Free Gospel Tracts Sent Via Snail Mail – Sites that give you free Gospel Tracts or Gospel of John Books that are sent to you free via snail mail (postal mail). Plus tips & ideas of where to leave gospel tracts. #GospelTracts

Free Gospel Tracts

Free Gospel Tracts!

Do you like to hand out Gospel tracts to other people? Do you want to know where you can get some free Gospel Tracts? I have a list of a few sites that give you FREE Gospel Tracts and are sent via snail mail. As in the postal mail. I only found a few sites with today’s technologies, I did find a lot of sites where you can download pdf versions and print your own. I also found a good number that charged you to get their Gospel Tracts. But I did find a few that give them to you for free or with a donation given.

Please again note I do not send gospel tracts to people through the mail but the sites listed below if you click on each one have forms you can fill out to have them sent to you so please do not contact me asking me to send you  gospel tracks because I do not send them out.

Highly Recommend Gospel Tract Sites

These sites in this list are the ones that I use the most often. Plus, I have made a blog post about each one of these.

Bezeugen Tract Club (Tract Club, send 30 free tracts per month, business card sized, glossy) You can also see some of them in the photograph below.  I have received from this source and I am a member of the Tract Club.
*!MY REVIEW – Bezeugen Tract Club!*

Lifebook, The (Gospel of John Books, only available to Youth Leaders, Pastors, Youth Workers) I have received from this source.
You must be a youth leader, youth minister, or a pastor of a church to get these)
*!MY REVIEW – Life Book, The!*

  • Living Water (Gospel of John Books) In the notes tell them you need more than just one. This one is also shown in the photograph below too.  I have received from this source.

Pocket Testament League (PTL): Gospel of John: They give you 30 free Gospel of John’s a month or you can donate. If you do the free they find a sponsor for you. Make sure in the refer it has 466871 in that box please. Also you must manually go each month to get them.
I have received from this source.
*!MY REVIEW – Pocket Testament League (PTL): Gospel of John *

Way-FM Help Finder BibleChristian Radio station is giving away FREE Bibles! Uses New Living Translation (NLT). I got one and plan to give this one away.

Other Gospel Tract Sites

Free Gospel Tracts #GospelTracts

This list I do not use that much but are also available.

  • Ambassadors 4 Truth – They only have a few tracts, but most of the tracts are currently out of stock. I have requested mine. (Currently showing out of stock.) I have received from this source.
  • Bibles for America (BFA) They send you a few free Christian books. I ordered the ones they were giving away. I have received only one of the books from this source at this time.
  • Bible Tracts Inc. –  They have a variety of tracts to choose from. You must print off an order form and mail it to them. They currently do not have a process to order online. I have received a sample packet from this source.
  • Christian Light Publications, Inc. (CPL) – They have a variety of tracts to choose from. Some are free and others have little cost, most are 50¢ per 25 with free shipping. I have received a sample packet from this source.
  • Liberty Gospel Tracts I do not remember anything about this source. I think I got a sample pack only. Tom, who commented below, stated he thinks Liberty Gospel Tracts will only send you tracts if you sign a statement that you only use the King James Version of the Bible.
  • Photos for Souls They have a tract that has a plan of salvation on them. They are free and are printed on glossy paper.  I have received only one of the books from this source at this time.
  • Tracts 4 U (Several tracts that are on a glossy paper) I have received from this source.
  • World Missionary Press (WMP) Inc. -A place that has a variety of booklets to give out, like Bible Study in Matthew, A Bible Study in John, a Bible study in Revelation, Bible Memory Verses, and more. I have received from this source.
Tract Image Box, updated!
Tract Image Box

Using Gospel Tracts

While you are at it, feel free to check out my blog post on Using Gospel Tracts As A Witnessing Tool I mention about using and suggested ideas of where to leave them.

Leaving Tracts in Random Places

Check out Serendipity Tracting, where you leave gospel tracts in random places.

Above Picture

Above picture is some of the tracts I have gathered up from various places. I started me a Gospel Tract box, using one of those big plastic boxes you can get at a local retail store. Some of the gospel tracts shown are from The Fellowship Tract League, Bezeugen Tract Club, Living Waters and a couple others.

When, I get the ones from the sites I listed above, I will comment and share with you. Thanks for reading this post.

Do you use Gospel tracts?

If so, I would like to hear from you. Please share with me your experience with using Gospel Tracts.

Do you know of other sites that give free Gospel Tracts, Free Bibles, or even Free Christian brackets etc? Please feel free to share in comments,

If you know of other sites that give you free Gospel Tracts to hand out, please feel free to share with me that site.

Anything else to share?

Do you have anything else you wish to share? Feel free to leave your comment.

I will be updating this post regularly as I find more sites that give free tracts, Bibles, Christian items, etc by snail mail. The above listed sites are totally free. They do suggest that you give a donation to help offset cost.

Please do not contact me asking me to send you Gospel Tracts, I do not have Gospel Tracts to send you, the above sites are places where you go to get them. Thanks very much. Post originally posted on July 16, 2013. Last republished or updated on March 8, 2021.

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Author: Steve Patterson

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68 thoughts on “How to get Free Gospel Tracts Sent Via Snail Mail

  1. I got in the mail today some very nice tracts. Look like business cards, professionally printed etc. UV coating or glossy. These are from the Bezeugen Tract Club. Thanks looking forward to next months installment.

    1. I got Septembers tracts, 30 of then today. All very nice tracts and look like professionally printed with uv coating just like the intro pack. These were brand new ones.

  2. I cannot wait to get home, I got my shipping tracking number, today, and then I looked at it, it says that they were delivered today, the life book. I will update a comment as I get home.

  3. Really like what you’re doing with this website! A great resource for those of us looking for affordable materials to use in presenting Christ in our communities. That can be difficult.

  4. I use Gospel tracts everyday. I give them at the grocery store, at ball games, when standing the line to pay for gas, when not using the debit card.  I put them in every card that I mail for Every Sympathy, Get Well, Birthday or Encouragement purpose. I could use a few hundred for street witnessing.  Do you have an assortment with a prayer inviting Christ to come into their hearts after reading it?
    Thank you

  5. Sister Gail That is awesome these Gospel Tracts come in hand for everyday use to drop them off etc. Are you part of the Bezeugen Tract Club? If not they give you 30 free each month. Check them out. I add them in my bills too. Check out this blog post using Gospel Tracts,
    I have all kinds I have business card sized ones, I have leaflet ones like etc. All kinds of subjects etc. I even have Gospel of John books too. 
    Thanks for your comment Sister Gail.

  6. We just started sending the 30 free gospel of John to every address in town from the site you listed above . pocket testament league. they supply 30 free bibles each month, i send them post paid, about 70 cents or 21 bucks a month. to addresses in phone book..ANYONE can do THIS!!!
    We also send new testaments free anywhere in USA
    Now is the time.

  7. i Would like to share that I use tracts when I hand water or a snack to maybe a teen, veteran or homeless person by freeway corners, almost always, they look at the tract first. I have seen many people smile when they look at it. We are providing just a small basic need, like water, plus something thoughtful and meaningful that can help them become saved. I usually pray before I give them the tract or after! 🙂 God bless.

  8. @mandy Thanks mandy for the comment. Nice that you hand out tracts and water. NIce they look at the tract first. That is awesome they smile when they get it. Yes, we must pray before we give these tracts out. Pray they reach the ones they are intended for. Pray for a seed to be planted. Someone may be watered and grow or even a full harvest to come. Maybe that tract may also go to someone else etc. God Bless and keep sharing the gospel.

  9. Hi there 🙂 Every now and then I need to use the local laundromat to dry my washing so take along issues of the War Cry that I’ve collected since my last visit and revisit some of the articles. When I leave, I leave the magazines on top of the pile of other (worldly) magazines praying that they will be a blessing in someone else’s life also.

  10. Hi there 🙂 Every now and then I need to use the local laundromat to dry my washing so take along issues of the War Cry that I’ve collected since my last visit and revisit some of the articles. When I leave, I leave the magazines on top of the pile of other (worldly) magazines praying that they will be a blessing in someone else’s life also.

  11. I make little e-cards and print some of them out, then leave them in books I return to the library as bookmarks

  12. @Steve Patterson Hi Steve, I have recently discovered that tracts are very powerful tools to share our Lord Jesus. I currently live in India and I would be grateful if you could share with me sites where I can get those free tracts for a daily distribution.

    My mail id is [email protected]


  13. ChristianBlogR Sister Gail

    Hi Christian, would it be possible to get the business cards ones?



  14. Thank you very much for posting these websites! I just started a 501(c)(3)Religious Charity called Blessing Bag Ministry, Inc. ( where volunteers put together hygiene supplies in bags and included are gospel tracts. We give these out to shelters, homeless, community outreach centers, and are currently trying to partner with the Red Cross’s Disaster Relief program. Because we are volunteers and operate on donations, this information for free tracts has helped us in keeping costs low so we can make more bags. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the information.

  15. Hi! everyone…a newby here! Anyone ever heard of Tim Berends? Check out his “way” on “CHICK”TRACTS! He targets Muslims very successfully! He inspired me to start this ministry although I have to date never talked to him or met him! Being female I think I will get the hang of this with many “methods! Like wow! God is creative! So he inspires us in so many ways too! I am handicaped so this ministry fits me in my retirement! please offer up a prayer for me folks…i am not entirely well yet but aiming there with faith !!!!!!!!Love the comments!

    1. God is with you. God will never leave you. We are the ones that leave Him. You must pray without ceasing too. So keep
      Yourself in prayer and what God wills for you to do, not what you want to do.

  16. Your free tract list does not include Fellowship Tract League. All of their tracts are free, including postage.

    Liberty Gospel Tracts will only send you tracts if you sign a statement that you only use the King James Version of the Bible.

    A.C.T.S. tracts, pay postage only.

    Evangelical Tract Distributors, pay postage only.

    Gospel Tract Society, pay postage only.

    Grace & Truth Publishing, pay postage only.

    Operation Somebody Cares, a version of the most popular Chick tract for only 4 cents each, postage paid.

  17. Hi there! I was just searching for free gospel tracts when I came across your page. I’ve decided that instead of complaining about my neighbors and their wicked ways that I’m going to blast them with the gospel. I think the good Lord has been wanting me to do this for a while but I just never followed through. So this time, I’m going to heed Him and prayerfully send a tract and note of encouragement to them each week for a year. I’m quite excited for this and truly feel that God is going to change their lives. Peace to you all and hope you’re living in His blessings.

  18. I dont think Bezeugen accept believers from Nigeria. Rejecting my postal code repeatedly. Please advice.

  19. Thank you for putting this list of resources together. Please keep up the good work of Sharing these resources it was very helpful to me. Just a heads up, the link for Ambassadors 4 Truth doesn’t seem to work. I think this is the correct one:

    All of their tracts are in stock. I’ve used A4Truth Gospel Tracts many times and they are great.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thank you I will look into that and update it. I’m on the Bezugen Tract club mailing list and get 30 free each month. You are welcome. Are there any that I don’t have on the list that you know of?

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