John 2

John 2. Today is day two of the 21 day Gospel of John challenge. Read chapter 2 of the Gospel of John. In this blog post, I talk about that second chapter. #John2

John 2

In this chapter, it covers over two main areas Miracle at Cana and the First Passover – Cleaning the Temple.

That miracle in the first half was where the water was turned into wine. That gets into the Two Wine Theory. That is the wine was with alcohol and the other stating new wine, was without. οἶνος oinos Strongs #3631

The second half goes over the Passover and where Jesus overturns the tables of those trying to make profits of those bring their offerings. Not to mention where Jesus said …

“Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.

John 2:19

In verse 20, it goes on to tell us Jesus was speaking of the temple of His body. Remember he arose from the dead 3 days later. Talking about the Resurrection.

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