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1 Cross 3 Nails 4 Given church sign that shows an important aspect of why Christ came and died on the Cross. Forgiveness!

Forgiveness is something big on my heart late that I want people to know about. I saw this church sign on my way from work in Morristown to my church in Dandridge, TN. I didn’t get to take the picture then, but I did get to take it the next day, April 2, 2015 on my way to work.

I also noticed on March 28, 2016, this was up again on their church sign. 

Yesterday, I was able to get off work in time to be able to be with the youth at my church. The Pastors wife asked all the Middle School youth what Easter meant to them. She even asked me. I said Forgiveness. I do believe that is true. Because Jesus Christ died to save us. He forgave us. This forgiveness is only by those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He is the only way to the Father. We got this access because what Christ done for us. He Died on the Cross and 3 Days Later Arose from the Dead. Praise the Lord we sever a risen savior.

1 Cross 3 Nails 4 Given Church Sign

This is of the Alpha Baptist Church in the Alpha/Morristown, TN area.

1 Cross Plus 3 Nails Equals 4 Given
1 Cross Plus 3 Nails Equals 4 Given
This church sign reads

1 Cross

Plus 3 Nails

Equals 4 Given

I am glad that we are forgiven but we must forgive others as well.
First published April 2, 2015. Republished March 27, 2016.

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