John 18

John 18 – Today is Day 18 of the 21 Day Gospel of John Challenge. Read Chapter 18 of the Gospel of John. #John18 #BGBG2

John 18

John 18 - Today is Day 18 of the 21 Day Gospel of John Challenge. Read Chapter 18 of the Gospel of John. #John18 #BGBG2

Now we are getting more into The Easter Story section of the Gospel of John. There are 4 Headers with 40 verses in total in John 18.

1. Judas Betrays Jesus

Verses 1-11

Most of us are familiar with this story where Judas betrays Jesus over some money. Judas came with Roman guards, officers from the chief priests and the Pharisees to come to show them where Jesus was.

Jesus already knew they were coming for Him, but yet He still asked them who they were seeking. He told them that He is the one.

Again, Jesus asked them who they were seeking and again told them He is whom they are seeking.

That is when we hear about Simon Peter taking out his sword and cut off the right ear of Malchus, a slave of the high priest. A name was given, so he must have been well known. Jesus also told Peter to put down his sword.

2. Jesus before the Priests

Verses 12-24

Jesus was arrested and brought before Caiaphas, who was the high priest that year.

Simon Peter followed, along with another disciple. The Gospel of John, didn’t record the name of the other disciple. But, Simon Peter was spotted by a slave girl and pointed him out. Yet, Simon Peter denied knowing Jesus.

Jesus even told the priest he taught openly, including in the synagogues. Nothing was done in secret. Then Jesus was hit, and asked do you answer a high priest that way?

3. Peter’s Denial of Jesus

Verses 25-27

Remember, Jesus told Simon Peter that he would deny knowing Him before the rooster crowed three times. Well that is exactly what happened.

4. Jesus before Pilate

Verses 28-40

Mind you, this was all happening during the Passover.

So they take Jesus from Caiphas to the Praetorium, they however didn’t enter into it, they didn’t want to be defiled due to the Passover.Pilate asked the Jews what Jesus had done to be sent there. They simply said if He wasn’t an evil doer, we would have never sent Him to you. Pilate told the Jews to take Him and judge Him according to their laws.

As you can see the Jews were pushing Jesus off on Pilate, Pilate didn’t want any part of it and tried to push Jesus back on them.The Jesus used an excuse to say we cannot put anyone to death.

Jesus talks with Pilate and tells him about Him being a King, but that His Kingdom is not of the Earth. After further communication, Pilate went back to Jews and said he didn’t find any wrong in Jesus.

However, Jesus was a prisoner. But, the custom was to release one prisoner for Passover. So Pilate was asking who to release. The crowd was saying Barabbas. Barabbas was a robber.

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