Sponsors are needed. If you enjoy Courageous Christian Father and would like to make a donation, any donation would help to offset the cost of running this blog. I use my own money to host and renew the domain names used for this blog. Even $1 would help. You can donate via DreamHost (it goes directly to the hosting cost), You can donate via PayPay or even GoFundMe. Below are the links for those.

Sponsorship – Donate Now!

Donate Now to Courageous Christian Father (Via: GoFund Me, PayPal, DreamHost, Cash)


I run this blog on my own expenses and also with some google advertising, but that doesn’t cover everything. If you feel led to give and help, please do so prayerfully.

  • $35 Domain renewal each year of CouragouesChristianFather.com
  • And $35 Domain renewal of ChristianBlogR.com (this redirects to this blog)
  • $21 Hosting fees Monthly (so this blog can run and be live)
  • Internet at home
  • Promotional Materials etc. (stuff I hand out about the Blog and more – Business Cards, Memo Pads, Calendars, Shipping, Etc.)

Sharing Content

Another way you can help is sharing content. Share them on your social network. You can share the main blog or share your favorite blog entry!

Linking to

You can also add a link to Courageous Christian Father from your web site or blog. That would help as well.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth by telling others to come and visit or sharing on your social media.

Cross Promote

If you have a Christian Ministry, we can help cross promote each other. You share my blog on your ministry site and I will do the same on here, you must have a Christian Ministry that will benefit the Kingdom of God and help win souls for Christ. These are some of the sites that help cross promote are Righteous Rock TV and 911 Babies.

Web banner that goes on the sidebar.

  • 125×125 pixel (at least $10 per month donation)
  • 250×250 pixel (at least $18 per month donation)
  • Other Sizes just ask.

Another way you can help …

  • Newspaper/Shopper, if you can run my logo as a filler as a 1×1 or an ad of another size would be great.
  • Silk screen company, I could use some t-shirts done up (I have a vector eps logo)
  • Vinyl company, I could use some vinyls of my logo (I have it in vector eps logo)
  • Another business and have an idea of how you can help then let me know, please and thank you.
  • Donate items I could use for promotions that would help too.
  • Help promote this blog ministry through your ministry. I do help cross promote other Christian based ministries.

If you can’t give then you can still help! You can do a variety of things …

  • Keep Courageous Christian Father in prayers.
  • Help promote Courageous Christian Father
  • Share blog entries from Courageous Christian Father to your favorite social media or with friends and family
  • Many other ways too 

I would also be glad to give you a web banner in exchange if you help with the other ways.

Sponsor via DreamHost


Donations to DreamHost, go into my account, what you donate will deduct what I own each month.

Sponsor via PayPal


Sponsor via GoFundMe


Even cash donations can help as well.

First published December 5, 2014. Last updated or republished July 9, 2019.

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