That Tomb Is Still Empty – Easter Story told by Two Kids

That Tomb Is Still Empty! – Easter Story told by Two Kids – Come and listen to these very young kids tell you the Easter Story. The kids names are Levi and Lia Mullen. They share about the empty tomb. The video shown above is first of four in the series.

That Tomb Is Still Empty – Easter Story told by Two Kids

This video is precious as they share the story. I think they do a great job explaining the Easter Story!


Hey Levi, the Easter story is amazing.

Yea, I especially love the ending.

Do you want to tell the story? Sure!

It goes like this.

Jerusalem was a happening place.

The holiday was called Passover.

Jesus came by donkey transport.

“Hossana” was the password.

Palm branches were everywhere.

People called Him “King”

Days later, nothing was the same.

From grand entrance to final meal.

From the mount to the garden.

For just 30 silver coins, Jesus was betrayed, And Jesus was arrested.

It was just awful!

The high priest and the governor interrogated Jesus.

The evidence wasn’t too legit, and the whole thing was rigged.

Even the crowd turned, and chanted, “Crucify Him!”

Jesus was stripped. Jesus was whipped.

Jesus was mocked. Jesus was tortured, and wore a crown of thorns.

Ouch! That had to hurt

They hung Him on a Cross. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Jesus cried, “It is finished,” and breathed his last.

They laid Him in a tomb, and they sealed it with a very big rock.

The tomb was full.

After the Sabbath, the women went to the tomb.

Nothing had prepared them for the surprise that waited.

The Tomb Was Empty!

Levi & Lia Mullen

And an angel said to the women, “Don’t be afraid, He’s not here. He is risen. Check it out yourself. Now go tell everyone this great news.”

It’s still good news today.

That tomb is still empty, and Jesus still lives.

And that’s the only hope for you and me and this crazy world that we live in.

It’s not complicated, really.

We have a Savior. Jesus Messiah.

He died for us. When I survey…

He rose for us. Up form the grave He arose …

He lives for us. Because He lives…

So we worship Him.

Oh, praise the One who paid my debt…

Forgiven and redeemed. This is amazing grace…

And that’s what Easter is all about.

Go tell everyone this great news:

That tomb is still empty!

Christ is risen from the dead Trampling over death by death.

Come awake! Come awake! Come and rise up form the grave.

Have a blessed Easter! From the Mullen Family!

That Tomb Is Still Empty! - Easter Story told by Two Kids - Come and listen to  Levi and Lia Mullen, young kids tell you the Easter Story.
Levi and Lia Mullen

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First Published April 12, 2019. Last updated or republished March 30, 2020.

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