Passover – The Jewish holiday that is a celebration of liberation from Egyptian slavery. Occurs usually doing Holy Week, Easter. (One of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals). #Passover


The first Passover (Pesach – פֶּסַח‬ Pesah, Pesakh means “To Pass Over”) occurred while the Jews were still in bondage, slaves to the Egyptians. The Passover happened as part of one of the plagues God brought down as judgement. The Death of the First Born Son, 10th and Last Plague . In order for to plague to pass by you. You had to kill an unspotted lamb and smear it’s blood around your door post. This happened while Moses was leading the Jewish people. You can read about that account in the Book of Exodus.


This holiday can very based on the 15th to the 22nd of the Hebrew month, Nissan. Held in Spring and usually around Easter. Jewish holidays always begin at Sundown. (See below for actual dates)

According to, “seder” means “order” and refers to the 15 separate steps that are taken in traditional order as expressed in the book “Haggaddah.” Blessing, washing, eating a vegetable, breaking of matzot, story telling, and many other components comprise the seder. Other traditional symbols are featured on the seder plates and tables, each of which have specific ties to the Exodus and history of Jewish slavery. Passover is one of the most commonly observed Jewish holidays and a time to reflect on one’s blessings.

Seder Plate:

  1. Roasted lamb shankbone
  2. Karpas
  3. Chazeret
  4. Maror
  5. Roasted Egg
  6. Charoset
  7. Salt Water
  8. Matzah
  9. Wine Cups (Grape Juice Cups)

Depending on how they interpret Jewish law, Jews may or may not include lamb at their traditional Passover seder.

Similarly, the ancient Hebrew practice of thoroughly cleansing a home before the springtime feast of Passover may have evolved into the spring cleaning we know today.

The Lamb of God

Today, Christians know Jesus Christ as the Passover Lamb (Lamb of God). The lamb is another symbol associated with Easter. (See Easter Symbols Blog Post) Lambs were originally associated with the Jewish holiday of Passover, when lambs were sacrificed and their blood was used to mark which houses contained those faithful to God. As a result of his crucifixion, Christ became the symbolic lamb for all – the ultimate sacrifice. In fact, Christ is often referred to as “The Lamb of God.” That is why Christians, no longer do Passover, as Jesus Christ became the lamb that was slain. Once and For All!

Present Date

  • 2018 – March 30-April 7

Future Dates

  • 2019 – April 19 – April 27
  • 2020 – April 8 to April 16
  • 2021 – March 27 – April 3
  • 2022 – April 15 to April 22


Anything that I can add about Passover?

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First published April 3, 2018. Last updated or republished April 18, 2019.

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