Easter Monday

Easter Monday – the day after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Some call this day “Bright Monday” or “Renewal Monday”. Find out more about this day! #EasterMonday

Easter Monday

Easter Monday

This day is also known as “Bright Monday” or “Renewal Monday”. It also has been known by “Wet Monday” and “Dingus Day”.

This holiday occurs each year the day after Easter. This holiday is not a federal holiday in the United States, however many other countries do celebrate this day with government being off. Did you know that Egg Rolling is popular on Easter Monday?

There is also a competition to decorate an Easter Egg for each state with the egg’s theme being that state. Then the winners are sent to the Capital and put on display. Done via the American Egg Board.

According to Got Questions? – This day is a solemn remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection marked by an outdoor procession. For others, there are Easter egg-rolling competitions. For still others, siblings and/or spouses wake each other up by pouring buckets of water on each other (hence the name “Wet Monday”). And others celebrate with a large gathering and a polka festival (Dingus Day).

The Bible does not mention anything about celebrating Easter Monday or what happened the day after the Resurrection.

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First published March 31, 2018. Last updated or republished April 7, 2020.

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