Words of Forgiveness (lyrics video) for Saving Darkness

Words of Forgiveness (lyrics video) for Saving Darkness

Words of Forgiveness (lyrics video) for Saving Darkness

This is the lyric video for the song “Words of Forgiveness” by Saving Darkness. This video is 8:13 in length. This song came out in 2014. This is the official music lyric video by Saving Darkness.

Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

This I would have to say is my favorite song by Saving Darkness. While you listen to this song, check out this blog post on forgiveness. They are almost a local band, as they are from South Carolina. South Carolina, is not all that far from East Tennessee. They are also a Rock Solid Christian Band.

I have got to meet this band in Morristown, TN in 2014, as they played for an event.

Check out their song Prayer and God Makes the Changes and Asking Mercy that has been shared on Courageous Christian Father.

Coming Soon! The Lyrics to this song!

Check out more about Saving Darkness at savingdarkness.com

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