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Father acronym Printable (Acronym for Father Printable)
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Acronym for Father Printable

Christian acronym for the word “Father”. It is done like a free verse acrostic poem. You can even download a free version! Written by Steve Patterson. #Father #Dad #FathersDay #DadsAreAwesome #FatherAcronym

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Mini Jesus Figurines / Little Jesus / Pocket Jesus

Hiding Mini Jesus Figurines / Hiding Little Jesus Figurines — The activity of hiding mini Jesus figures in churches, schools, and stores seems to be a recent trend aimed at providing a physical reminder of Jesus’ presence in everyday life. It’s a way to encourage people to remember the spiritual aspect of their lives as they go about their daily routines.

American, Tennessee & Christian Flags
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Flag Day

Flag Day a holiday in June where we celebrate flags. I share the pledge to the American & Christian Flag. #FlagDay #ChristianFlag #AmericanFlag #Flag

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Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials — a list of must have essentials for going on a road trip. #RoadTrip

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Heart Shield Bible

Heart Shield Bible — In the tumultuous times of World War II, soldiers clung to symbols of faith and hope as they faced the uncertainties of battle. Among these symbols was a unique edition of the New Testament, known as the “Heart Shield Bible.” These Bibles, often issued to American soldiers, came with a metal cover designed to be carried in a shirt pocket over the heart. #HeartShieldBible

National Donut Day #NationalDonutDay #DonutDay
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National Donut Day

National Donut Day – a day to get free donuts! Find out where to score a free donut. Plus I mention donut in the Bible. I use a play on words. Do Not! Get it? #NationalDonutDay #DonutDay

I heart VBS - Vacation Bible School
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Vacation Bible School

It’s that time of year again to say Yes to VBS! Yes that is right it is Vacation Bible School Time! I share my experience with VBS. #VBS #VacationBibleSchool

How to Spot a VBS Volunteer
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How to Spot a VBS Volunteer Comic

Since is Vacation Bible School (VBS) time, I figured I would share this comic from Adam Ford aka Adam4D. This comic talks about how to spot a VBS Volunteer. #Adam4D #VBS #VacationBibleSchool #VBSVolunteer

D-Day: Anniversary - On this date in 1944, Allied forces landed in Normandy on the north coast of France in the early morning hours. | US Army Image
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D-Day: Anniversary

D-Day: 80th Anniversary – On this date in 1944, Allied forces landed in Normandy on the north coast of France in the early morning hours. The operation, which took months of planning, was instrumental in the Allies gaining the advantage in the war and liberating the village of Saint Mere Eglise. It was the largest seaborne invasion in history, and marked the cohesive tactics of the Americans, British and Canadian forces.

Names for Dad (Free Printable)
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Names for Dad Printable

Names for Dad: What do you call your dad? Do you call him Father? Daddy? Old man? Here is a compiled list of names of Dad. #namesfordad #FathersDay #dad #father #FreePrintable

Free Father's Day Finger Puzzle Printable
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Father’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable

Father’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable – Here is a free finger puzzle printable for Father’s Day. #FathersDay

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National Hug Your Cat Day

National Hug Your Cat Day. Make sure to thank God for that furever friend He blesses you with and don’t forget to hug your cat today and everyday! #NationalHugYourCatDay

Power Band Witnessing Tool Braclet Printable
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Power Band Witnessing Tool Bracelet

Power Band Witnessing Tool Bracelet (Salvation Bracelet) – A fun craft to make for church, youth group, camp, Vacation Bible School and more. A great way to share the gospel using God’s colors on a bracelet.

The rainbow is a covenant from God
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The Rainbow: A Covenant from God

The rainbow is a covenant from God, a beautiful gift that God gave us along with a covenant from God. I even share what others have told me the rainbow means to them. #Rainbow #God

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The Springdale Baptist Church Fire

Tragedy Strikes Tazewell: The Springdale Baptist Church Fire — In the heart of Claiborne County, a beacon of faith and community was struck by tragedy. The Springdale Baptist Church in Tazewell, Tennessee, was engulfed in flames, leaving behind a wake of ashes and heartache. The fire, which occurred on a serene June 1, 2024, Saturday, demanded a swift and robust response from emergency crews who fought valiantly against the inferno.

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What is the Bible Mission International

Bible Mission International (BMI) is a faith-based organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel and serving communities in need, particularly in the former Soviet Union. With a heart for evangelism and discipleship, BMI works tirelessly to reach the unsaved, train the next generation of Christian leaders, and provide care for those in need.

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The Mobile Bible Exhibit

Exploring the Wonders of the Word: The Mobile Bible Exhibit, a project by, is a remarkable initiative that brings the history and impact of the Bible directly to communities across the nation. This traveling exhibition is more than just a display; it’s a journey through the ages, showcasing the profound influence of the world’s best-selling book. #MobileBibleExhibit

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Corpus Christi Day

Corpus Christi Day: A Celebration of Faith and Tradition – Corpus Christi Day, also known as the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, is a significant feast in the Christian liturgical calendar. It is dedicated to celebrating the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Traditionally observed on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, the feast can also be transferred to the following Sunday in many countries⁴⁵.

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World MS Day

World MS Day – MS is short for Multiple Sclerosis. This day is a day to help raise awareness of MS. #WorldMSDay #MSDay #MSConnections

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Council of Nicea

The Council of Nicea: Unifying the Belief in Christ’s Divinity — In the early years of Christianity, the Church faced…

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Day 41 is coming

Day 41 is coming! The significance of the number 40 in the Bible is profound and appears in various contexts. The next day is Day 41 a day of victory! #bgbg2