Free Easter Printables

Free Easter Printables

Free Easter Printables – Here are some free Easter Printables that you can download and print for free. Great for the family, church or even outreach.

Free Easter Printables

Enjoy these free Easter Printables. I hope to add more in the future. So check back often!

Free Easter Printables

Complete list of them shown below, so you can click on them to be taken to the download page for them.

Jelly Bean Prayer Printable – Jelly Bean Gospel – Printable

This printable uses the colors of jelly beans to share the gospel. This is great for Easter, Jelly Bean Day or anytime!

Jelly Bean Prayer Printable - Jelly Bean Gospel Printable

Easter Story Snack Mix Printable

This printable uses snack mix to share the story of Easter. You can print this out along with each snack item.

Easter Story Snack Mix Printable

You’ve Been Egged Printable

This might be a great way to do an Easter Egg Hunt at church, neighbor, family or other places. Using one egg that is empty to remind you of the Empty Tomb.

You've Been Egged! There are 12 Eggs Hidden In Your Yard! Enjoy the Hunt, but don’t be discouraged when you find the empty egg. It is a simple reminder of Jesus’s empty tomb ... for HE IS RISEN! (Free Easter Printable)

Easter Word Search Printable

See if you can find these hidden Easter Words in this word search.

Easter Word Search Printable - A Free download for you to use at home, school, church or anywhere! Find these Easter terms inside this free Easter Printable.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar Printable

The Legend of the Sand Dollar The Sand Dollar Legend is an Easter and Christmas favorite which tells a story that includes the five slits representing the wounds on Christ when on the cross, the Easter lily with a star in the middle representing the star of Bethlehem and on the back is the outline of a Poinsettia, the Christmas flower. There's a lovely little legend that I would like to tell, of the birth and death of Jesus, found in this lowly shell. If you examine closely, you'll see that you find here, four nail holes and a fifth one, made by a Roman's spear. On one side the Easter lily, its center is the star, that appeared unto the shepherds and led them from afar. The Christmas Poinsettia etched on the other side, reminds us of His birthday, our happy Christmastide. Now break the center open, and here you will release, the five white doves awaiting, to spread Good Will and Peace. This simple little symbol, Christ left for you and me, to help us spread His Gospel, through all Eternity.

I hope to create more printables for Easter for everyone to enjoy! I also have a general Printable Page with tons of other kinds of free printables too!

Have an idea for a printable? Feel free to contact me and I will see about making one and sharing it here on Courageous Christian Father!

First published March 28, 2018. Last updated or republished April 8, 2019.

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  1. Kristi Ann

    Praise Jesus-Yeshua, because HE is RISEN and ALIVE at the RIGHT HAND side of our ONE TRUE GOD THE FATHER who art in Heaven Above!! Jesus-Yeshua is on the THRONE!! TRUST in the LORD JESUS-YESHUA!! HE LOVES ❤ YOU ALL!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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