Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day)

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday – The start of Lent season. This day is the day before Ash Wednesday. This day was a day set aside to remind Christians about a season of penance and was originally a solemn day.

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Day)

As Baptist we do not celebrate Shrove Tuesday or do the holidays for Lent. Lent is usually celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church and most Protestant Churches. This day might also be more known to you as Fat Tuesday. This happens during Mardi Gras.

This is the day typically those who celebrate lent and give us, fast (abstain) from something to eat, will eat tons of it. They say a lot of people get fat from it. That is why the name Fat Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday usually occurs during February or March. The Lent Season goes on until Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday. This day always falls on the 47th day before Easter. It has been known to be as early as, February 3. It has also been known to be as late as, March 9.

Pancakes are very popular for Shrove Tuesday. You might even hear it called Pancake Day too! During Lent, folks were not allowed to consume fatting products.  In France they serve liver paste on this day.

Shrove is past tense for the word Shrive, which means to hear a confession. It can mean to hear the confessions of to a priest. However, I am here to say we don’t need a priest to hear our confessions, we can go directly to God himself. The veil was torn when Jesus was crucified making that access to us.

Present Shrove Tuesday Date:

March 5, 2019

Past Shrove Tuesday Dates

  • 2018 – 13 February

Future Shrove Tuesday Dates

  • 2020 – 25 February
  • 2021 – 16 February
  • 2022 – 1 March
  • 2023 – 21 February
  • 2024 – 13 February
  • 2025 – 4 March
  • 2026 – 17 February
  • 2027 – 9 February
  • 2028 – 29 February

First Published February 13, 2018. Last updated or republished March 1, 2019.

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