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Jelly Bean Prayer

I want to share this with you. My mom handed me this bookmark she got today from my church (2012). It is called “The Jelly Bean Prayer.” It gives you a color of the Jelly Bean and what it means. A great prayer for anytime or even around Easter. It reminds me of the Power Salvation Bracelets.

Actually the other day, March 9, 2016, I was at the Talbott, TN post office and a woman handed the clerk a little baggie with jelly beans in it and the Jelly Bean Prayer.

Jelly Bean Prayer

  • RED - Red is for the blood Christ gave.
  • GREEN - Green is for the grass God made.
  • YELLOW - Yellow is for the sun so bright.
  • ORANGE - Orange is for the edge of night.
  • BLACK - Black is for the sins that were made.
  • WHITE - White is for the grace Christ gave.
  • PURPLE - Purple is for the hour of sorrow.
  • PINK - is for the new tomorrow.

I thought this was cute and I knew I had to share it with my readers of my blog. When we pray, we can thank God for each of these colors and what they mean. Here is the bookmark my mom got.


Jelly Beans are very popular during Easter. This would a great to to witness to people and share the Jelly Bean Prayer with them but giving them jelly beans and this prayer.

National Jelly Bean Day

Did you know that April 22 is National Jelly Bean Day. What a great way to witness and evangelize. Hand out these colored Jelly Beans and what each other means.

We don’t have to just use this around Easter or National Jelly Bean Day, but we can use this everyday to witness to someone. It is much similar to the power bracelets with the colored beads.

Do you hand out jelly beans and witness to people? How well had that worked? Please share your experiences.

This post was originally posted April 8, 2012. I updated it and reset a new date to correspond with National Jelly Bean Day, April 22. Republished April 22, 2014. I felt led to reshare this March 29, 2015 just before Easter 2015. Updated March 10, 2016.

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  1. We did this in Sunday school last week, the kids really had fun with it

  2. We did this in Sunday school last week, the kids really had fun with it

  3. That’s awesome and glad they had fun with it. Have you done the power witness bracelets?

  4. That’s awesome and glad they had fun with it. Have you done the power witness bracelets?

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