Patterson Post 2015

Patterson Post 2015, our 15th Issue of our family Christmas Newsletter, Patterson Post. This years edition is a Best of The Patterson Post. Check it out! #ChristmasNewsletter #PattersonPost [...]

Priant Pour Paris

Priant Pour Paris is french for Prayers for Paris after the Paris Shootings and Bombings that has terrorized the nation of France. #PrayforParis #ParisAttacks #Paris [...]

Blogging Prompt #2

Unsure what to write in your blog? Why not use a blogging prompt and write about that on your blog. #BloggingPrompt What is your favorite Thanksgiving food item and why? [...]

The Jesus Revolution

What is the Jesus Revolution of the 1960's and 1970's where Billy Graham preached the Cotton Bowl at Explo '72. What's going on today for the Jesus Revolution? #JesusRevolution [...]

No Shave November

Explain what No Shave November is and how it claims to grow cancer awareness plus I discuss how the fund raising money is distributed. #NoShaveNovember [...]

Fire Safety 101

Fire safety tips, Safety check list, safety information & change your clocks, change your batteries information for your household & family. #FireSafety [...]
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