Proverbs 28

Proverbs 28  – Today is Day 28 of the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge. Today I will focus on Chapter 28 of Proverbs. Read Proverbs 28 which has 28 verses in this chapter.

Proverbs 28

[pullquote]Better is the poor who walks in his integrity
Than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich. Proverbs 28:6[/pullquote]

"The wicked man flees though no one persues, but the righteous are bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1One verse that stood out to me is verse 6. It tells us that evil people don’t understand justice. But a person that seeks after God understands all.

Proverbs 28, also does one of the better than situations again. I believe this Proverb is talking about being good and obeying the law. I do believe it is talking about God’s Law, His Standards.

Importance of Confessing Sins

Proverbs 28, also shows us the importance of confessing our sins. We are given mercy when we confess. If we try to hide or cover them up, we will not prosper, that is because the Holy Spirit will keep convicting us until we confess. In verse 9, Proverbs 28:9, One who turns away his ear from hearing the law, Even his prayer is an abomination. It also shows when we don’t repent our prayer is an abomination, meaning it won’t be heard! (See also 2 Chronicles 7:14 – John 9:31). Also remember this God cannot look upon sin! He who covers his sins will not prosper, But whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy. Proverbs 28:13.

[pullquote]”The wicked man flees though no one persues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1[/pullquote]

Proverbs 28, also tells us it is not good to show partiality, or favoritism. It also lets us to know that the evil person has an eye on riches. Proverbs 28, tells us we should not tell people what they want to hear when it comes to when they disobey God, tell them where they went wrong and how to get back right with God. Correction! God Corrects those who He loves.

My study note in my Holeman New King James Version Study Bible, says about verse 24, that rising to call a sin a sin destroys society. (page 1067). Proverbs 28, also tells us we must Trust in the Lord and we will prosper. It is not like how these Prosperity Preachers are preaching. But, proposer in the ways of the Lord, we will get our riches in Heaven not on Earth. If we are a soul winner, we prosper.

Trusting In Your Own Heart?

If you trust your own heart you are a fool, Proverbs 28:26. [pullquote]He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But whoever walks wisely will be delivered. Proverbs 28:26[/pullquote] We cannot even trust in our own heart.People will say I feel it in my heart, well the Bible warns about that! Not to trust your heart! Remember above it tells us we must Trust in the Lord.  He is the one that will guide us, comfort us, direct us, correct  us and more.

Not to mention, in verse 27, Proverbs 28:27, is one that lets us know that we if help and give to the poor, we will not lack. Give and it shall be given, but we shouldn’t give to get back, we should give because God wants us to. We should never expect anything back from giving. If we do, we are giving for the wrong reasons.

What did you get out of reading Proverbs 28? Did any verses stand out to you?

He who trusts in his own heart is a fool, But whoever walks wisely will be delivered.

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Notes from the Holman Study Bible NKJV, page 1067.

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