Proverbs 10

Proverbs 10 -As part of the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge, I am doing one chapter per day for 31 days since there is 31 chapters also in the Book of Proverbs. This is day 10 of 31, therefore I am focusing on Proverbs 10.

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Today read the whole chapter of Proverbs 10.

Proverbs 10

Proverb 10 starts off sharing that it is the Proverb of Solomon.  Proverbs 10 is considered the wise sayings of Solomon. I break down Proverbs 10 verse or verses. There are 32 verses in Proverbs 10.

Verse 1:

First he says that having a wise son makes him happy, while on the other hand if his son was foolish it would grieve his mother. I believe it shows that in parenting, that when your children do right it makes you glad but when they don’t it upsets you. You want what is best for your children, they may not see it.

Verses 2-3: 

Here Solomon is telling us about God and how he likes it when we follow God’s Law and listen to Him, but if we don’t. I believe it is also saying we shouldn’t have treasures here on earth. It won’t profit us anything. That God is our treasure and we should seek after Him for it.

Verses 4-5:

I believe these verses share with us the importance of working. It says those who slack, meaning those who are lazy. It will make you poor. But those who are diligent, meaning those who work for what they have, will make them rich. It may not be an earthly rich that Solomon is talking about, like money and valuables, but I believe he may be talking again about God, doing God’s work. We must work for God continuously, when we don’t we can cause others to fall into death.

Verses 6-7:

Again it talks about being righteous, meaning to be holy or Christ-like. Granted Christ wasn’t on earth then, He was still there in Heaven waiting for that appointed time for God to take His human form. Remember, John 1:1.

Verse 8-9:

It says here if you are wise, you will listen to what God tells you to do and do it. But if you are not, you rebel and will fall. I think this fall means we will fall into temptation, into sin. Maybe fall into living in open sin. Sin is what separates us from God.

Integrity, keeping a good moral standards, I believe these standards are God’s Law. We must walk with those laws. We must walk the talk we say.  If you are perverted, meaning a bad mind. Perverted not only means what we know it to mean today, but also thoughts that go against what God says. A rebellious mind that is.

Hatred Stirs Up Conflict But Love Covers All Wrongs - Proverbs 10:12
Verse 10:

Here it says winking with the eye, I believe it means flirting with sin and temptation, that it will lead to ruin, to your fall.

Verse 11:

If you speak righteously, you will have a good mouth. But if you don’t it will show that you are wicked. Words speak louder than action sometimes. Plus it shows that words do hurt. Remember the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words won’t hurt me.” Well we all know that isn’t always true. Words that other people say to us or about us, can affect us and can afflict damage onto us. I believe it says a righteous man will be careful with what he says. Based on what you say, you can tell if you are righteous or not.

Verse 12:

I believe this shows us that if we hate others it will show. That hatred is contagious, it will carry over and cause the other person to show hate to you too. It will cause nothing but havoc. On the other hand if you show love, the greatest commandment, that it will cover everything. We are to do go to everyone, even our enemy. Showing love is being Christ-like. Love shows no records of wrongs. 1 Corinthians 13:5. Showing love to someone shows we care about them as person. We may not agree with their sinful life, but we still must love them.

[pullquote]Hatred Stirs Up Conflict But Love Covers All Wrongs – Proverbs 10:12[/pullquote]

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Verse 13:

Solomon talks about having wisdom and understanding. I believe this tells us we can tell those who have wisdom and those who don’t. It also shows us that those who think they do will come into light and we will be revealed that they do not.

Verse 14:

If we are wise, we will want to keep knowledge in our head, we will want to continue to learn more and more. But if we are foolish we don’t and that will lead to destruction because we will not know what to believe or know how to find out if what we learned is true or not. Just like this blog post, don’t take my word for it. Study it for yourself. Same goes for when your Pastor preaches or Sunday School teacher teaches, study it for yourself as well. That way you will know for sure what they are saying is the Word.

Verse 15-16:

This is a perception from an earthly view. I believe. Again Solomon talks about the importance of working. Plus if you don’t work, it will lead to sin. It reminds me of the saying, “Idle hands are of the devil.” Meaning if you don’t have nothing to do and don’t find anything godly to do, the devil will swoop in and temp you and cause you to fall.

Verse 17:

A sign of a wise godly person is that they will take instruction. They will listen to it and pray on it. However the person who will not take instruction, will usually always go their own way and doing things your own way will not do right. Remember the Bible teaches us to lean not onto our own understanding, Proverbs 3:5-6. It also tells us we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, Philippians 4:13. So we must know where our strength is. If we are not willing to be corrected by God, it will cause us to walk away from Him. When we allow Him to correct us, it allows us to walk closer to Him.

Verse 18:

If you try to hide that you hate someone, which I will share that is committing murder in your heart, Matthew 5:21-22, I believe like I shared above that it will show if you hate someone. Plus if you slander, or talk bad about someone, that shows that you have hate to that person. Plus it shows that you are a fool, according to the Bible. In order to tell a lie, you usually have to make up hundreds more to cover up that one lie. Now you have to remember all the lies you said, so the lie won’t come to surface. It also will show when you hate someone but try to cover it up that you don’t.

Proverbs 19-21:

Here again Solomon talks about watching what you say. A wise person will watch what he says. The tongue can cause the most damage. That if you watch what you say, you are like silver. It also says if you do wick, your heart is worth little, meaning you do not have a good heart. It also lets us know that if we talk good about others and to others it will feed them, meaning it could lead to encouragement, make the person feel good or any other type of edifying. What we put in our heart, also comes out.

Verse 22:

Solomon here tells us who it is that makes us rich, it is our Lord, God, Savior. That is where the true treasure is. That is why we must lay our treasures in Heaven, Matthew 6:19-21.

Verses 23-25:

If you do evil to someone it is being foolish. Doing evil unto someone shows a lack of love. If you fear people, fear wicked, you will fall. The Bible tells us over and over not to fear because God is with us always. I believe the only fear we need is the fear of God, His wrath etc. Fear of God is how we get wisdom. This is a reverence type of fear too.  Here Solomon shows us if we live by what God tells us, he will grant things to us. But, remember those things are only granted if it is God’s will for us. God gives us what we need, not what we want. God knows us best and knows what is best for us. It also shows us that those who are righteous with God will have everlasting life, a good life, but if you are evil, don’t follow God that it will lead to destruction.

Verse 26:

Vinegar irritates your teeth, similar to how smoke does to your eyes. Remember how you go to a campfire and you get the campfire smoke into your eyes and it burns. That is similar to how vinegar did to your teeth. It also shows that being lazy will cause you to burn, that it will not be a good experience. You must work and not be lazy.

Verses 27-32:

We talk about the Fear of the Lord, before we said it brings wisdom. But it will also add days to your life. It may not be here on earth, but I believe it means the everlasting life that God gives us by accepting his Son, Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, that personal relationship we have with Him, not a religion.

It also shows that having hope, I believe a hope in God, will help make you righteous and live right by God’s eyes. If you follow God, He will give you strength, remember above Philippians 4:13? It also goes on to tell us if we live right by God we won’t be removed, remember the new Earth that will await us after the Second Coming.

It also lets us know the wicked will perish, I believe this is talking about the damnation of hell, an everlasting torment and punishment.  Those that are wicked, doesn’t follow God won’t see this new Earth. I will remind you Solomon was way before Christ even came on the earth to save us.  If you are righteous like I have said above you will know what is correct when someone speaks it. That is why study of God’s Word is also important.

Share what you got out of reading Proverbs 10? What verse stood out to you and why? 

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