Vol Radio Network – Where to Listen to the Vols Play Football

Vol Radio Network – Where to Listen to the Vols Play Football.

Vol Radio Network – Where to Listen to the Vols Play Football

The Vol Radio Network is associated with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and serves as the official radio broadcast home for the Tennessee Volunteers. It covers a range of sports, providing live play-by-play commentary, analysis, and coverage of various university athletic events.

Below is a list of where you can hear the Vols play football on the radio.

In the Knoxville listening area, there are three stations:

  1. WNML – AM 990
  2. WNML – FM 99.1
  3. WIVK – FM 107.7 (The Flagship Station)
Vol Radio Network - Where to Listen to the Vols Play Football

Below is a list of cities in Tennessee where you can listen to the University of Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) play football on the radio in Tennessee.

Vol Radio Network – Where to Listen to the Vols Play Football.#GoVols #GBO #Vols #VolRadioNetwork Click To Tweet

This list has been updated for the 2019 Season!

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Bolivar WMOD – FM 96.7

Bristol WOPI – AM 1490

Brownsville WTBG – FM 95.3

Camden WRJB – FM 95.9

Carthage WUCZ – FM 104.1

Centerville WNKX – FM 96.7

Chattanooga WSKZ – FM 106.5

Chattanooga WGOW – FM 102.3

Cleveland WCLE – FM 104.1

Cleveland WCLE – FM 101.3

Cleveland WCLE – AM 1570

Columbia WKOM – FM 101.7

Cookeville WKXD – FM 106.9

Covington WKBL – FM 93.5

Crossville WOWF – FM 102.5

Dickson WDKN – AM 1260

Dresden WCDZ – FM 95.1

Dyersburg WTRO – AM 1450

Fayetteville WYTM – FM 105.5

Franklin WAKM – AM 950

Greeneville WGRV – AM 1340

Greeneville WIKQ – FM 103.1

Hartsville WTNK – AM 1090

Hartsville WTNK – FM 93.5

Kingsport WKPT – AM 1400

Jackson WDXI – AM 1310

Jackson WMXX – FM 103.1

Johnson City WKTP – AM 1590

Knoxville WNML – AM 990

Knoxville WNML – FM 99.1

Knoxville WIVK – FM 107.7

Lafayette WLCT – FM 102.1

Lawrenceburg WTNX – FM 106.7

Lawrenceburg WWLX – AM 590

Lenoir City WLIL – AM 730

Lewisburg WJJM – AM 1490

Lewisburg WJJM – FM 94.3

Lexington WBFG – FM 96.5

Loretto WLXA – FM 98.3

Livingston WLIV – AM 920

Livingston WLIV – FM 104.7

Manchester WFTZ – FM 101.5

Martin WCMT – AM 1410

McMinnville WKZA – FM 107.3

Memphis WMFS – AM 680

Memphis WMFS – FM 92.9

Morristown WCRK – AM 1150

Murphy, N.C. WCVP – AM 600

Nashville WGFX – FM 104.5

Newport WLIK – AM 1270

Oneida WBNT – FM 105.5

Paris WTPR – AM 710

Paris WTPR – FM 101.5

Parsons WKJQ – FM 97.3

Pulaski WKSR – AM 1420

Savannah WKWX – FM 93.5

Smithville WJLE – AM 1480

Smithville WJLE – FM 101.7

Tri-Cities WQUT – FM 101.5

Union City WENK – AM 1240

Wartburg WECO – FM 101.3

Winchester WCDT – AM 1340

60 Affiliates with Four (4) 100,000-watt FM Stations!

Fans out of broadcast range may listen via the internet or Satellite Radio:

XM/Sirius Satellite Radio (may require subscription)

Alexa devices may be able to broadcast the game, however, it may require a fee or subscription.

(Stations may vary each season).

If you know of any stations you can listen to or no longer listen to, please feel free to share in the comments below!

Give ’em the Vol!

First published on August 23, 2010, from the 2010 Football Media Guide. Last updated or republished November 11, 2023. Prior updated from the 2019 Football Media Guide.

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