Your Final Destination

Your Final Destination – 10 out of 10 people die! Where will your final destination be? Is your eternal destination Heaven or Hell? (Only 2 places we will go) Plus the Video & Audio Version. #FinalDestination

Your Final Destination

Part of the Road Signs of the Bible Series.

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Your Final Destination - 10 out of 10 people die! Where will your final destination be? Is your eternal destination Heaven or Hell? (Only 2 places we will go) Plus the Video & Audio Version. #FinalDestination
Final Destination – Heaven or Hell

Matthew 13:41-43 (KJV)

41 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;
42 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
43 Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

This parable represents the present and future state of the gospel church; Christ’s care of it, the devil’s enmity against it, the mixture there is in it of good and bad in this world, and the separation between them in the other world.1

Where is your final destination?

I am not talking about the thriller horror type movies called Final Destination or even a place you go for a vacation or out to eat but I am talking about our salvational final destination, our soul’s eternal final destination. Where will your soul take residence for eternity? Both locations you will be able to feel, see, think and know what is going on around you and who is around you. Your eternal destination is your final destination. You will not be able to go anywhere else after you arrive here.


[des-tuh-ney-shuh n]2

the place to which a person or thing travels or is sent:

It is a proven fact that 10 out of 10 people die.

We all go through an earthy death. Our final destination is what matters! That’s because it is where were will spend eternity. For the saved there is good news for the lost there is terrible news. We all will face death, myself included. We will have only two places where we will go after death. That choice is up to you!

Death is part of life.

Eventually we all will die. I know its hard and we don’t want our love ones to die. We get selfish and wish that they were still here on earth. Old saying we should mourn the born and rejoice in the dead. If your loved one is saved, they are in a better place. This is why we must take death seriously because it will determine our final destination. Check out Death Happens for more information.

Why do we die?

That stems from the first sin by Eve, then to Adam. That was the fall of man. Sin entered the world. Adam and Eve didn’t listen to God. They were told they could not eat from the forbidden fruit. Satan, tempted Eve, who took a bite. Then, Eve tempted Adam, who also took a bite. Because man didn’t listen to God, it caused their sin, which is disobedience to God, and caused a penalty for it. That penalty is an earthly death. See Romans 3:23

For the wages of sin is death.

This brings us to why it’s important to accept Jesus as your personal Savior because we’re never promised tomorrow. See Proverbs 27:1 & Matthew 6:34

Do not boast about tomorrow, For you do not know what a day may bring forth.

Above Proverbs 27:1

Therefore don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Above Matthew 6:34

We could die at any time without notice or Jesus could come back at any time without notice as well. Are you ready to meet Jesus? I pray that you are are.

Accepting Jesus Christ

I said earlier it is great news for those who are saved.

If you are truly saved and accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior then will have eternal life with a new glorified body in Heaven. Remember Jesus died for our sins, he arose 3 days later and then acceded into Heaven on the right hand side of God. (that is why God is left handed!) Jesus is up in Heaven making intercession for those of us who are saved.

I am so glad my Savior, Jesus Christ conquered death so that we may live with Him in Heaven. Eternal Life with the one who saved us. No better place to be.

If you accepted Jesus and you die you have eternal life with Him in heaven no more pain, no more suffering and present with God.

Old saying Absent from the body is present with the Lord.

Jesus is the way to heaven, the only way. We cannot earn our way to heaven. It is by the gift of God, grace that we are saved. Because Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the Life, No one comes to the father but through me. John 14:6

Jesus bore mine sin, your sin, past sin and future sin on that Cross. We nailed Him to the cross because of our sin. He took it all.

You can’t trust yourself.

You can’t trust your church. Church membership doesn’t do it. Baptist doesn’t do it! Trying to live right doesn’t do it. The world cannot save you either. There’s no one good or righteous. Jesus is the only one that was and He paid our debt. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He bore our sins on the cross. He did this so we can have eternal life with Him with our Father in Heaven. When God looks down upon us he will see his precious Son’s blood on us. Jesus became that sacrificial lamb.

Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord Shall Be saved.

It is said several times in the Bible. Romans 10:13, Acts 2:21 and Joel 2:32.

April 15 is the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Did you know there was a hero on the boat? He is know as the Last Titanic Hero. Rev. John Harper. He stayed on the boat to shout and tell people Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and ye shall be saved. Knowing what waits him by staying on the boat. He didn’t want to see the sinking souls be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Then Harper was on a log and asked a man how is your soul, the man said I am not sure. They drifted apart. Later they came back and meet. Harper asked gain, How is your soul. Just then Harper went under and drowned. Harper gave his life for Christ so another would live. That man he asked the question to survived and got saved by that. He also was a survivor from the Titanic. (Click to read more on Rev. John Harper)

All sin no matter what you commit is forgiven,

You must turn to God with a repentant heart and ask for forgiveness. Confess and repent, to turn away, or a change in direction.

However there is only one sin that is not forgiven. The Reject of of Christ!

Rejection of Jesus Christ

If you reject Jesus you will spend eternity in hell.

Hell is full of everlasting Darkness, darkness unlike anyone has ever seen, pain, suffering, torture, and absence from God. The Bible tells us hell is a real place. Gnawing of teeth and much worse torment. Fire and Heat unlike anyone has ever experienced either. Unable to quench your thirst. There won’t be any partying going on. You will be bound in hell for eternity with Satan and his demons. This torture will not cease there will be no ending to it either.

The rich man got a glimpse of hell himself.

He knew the pain, the torture .He could even still recognize people. He even asked Abraham to have Lazarus to come and quench his thirst just with one drop of water. So you are aware of what is going on in this torture. He even begged that someone go warn his 5 brothers. If someone in hell was wanting to try to warn you of this don’t you think this destination is a serious place to stay away from? I believe so and this would not be your destination of choice either.  But, many choose this destination because they reject Jesus.

The devil will come to steal, kill and destroy.

Satan is the father of lies and he is very clever. He even knows the Word of God and he will try to use it to make you think you are doing good or make you think you are not if you are. The devil and his demons won’t be in charge of hell either like people think. They will be in the same torment that awaits those who reject Jesus. The false teachers and preachers will be here too. All of the lost and those who reject Jesus. The Bible tells us that creation is proof enough there is a God for you to seek Him and find His Son!

As I speak people are being cast into this everlasting Lake of Fire of destruction and punishment.

Your Final Destination (Lesson Video)

Your Final Destination listen as Steve teaches a lesson about two destinations that we end up in at the end. Heaven or Hell. This video goes with this blog post.

This is my first time teaching here at LifeCare Jefferson City, TN. I got it recorded, thanks to my friend, Pastor Justin. This Bible Lesson on Your Final Destination based on Matthew 13:41-43. Piedmont Baptist bring Church to the residents here. I was filling in for the pastor on April 25, 2015. (The Audio Version is shown above)

17:02 minutes


7 But the Lord shall endure forever;
He has prepared His throne for judgment.
8 He shall judge the world in righteousness,
And He shall administer judgment for the peoples in uprightness.

Above Psalm 9:7-8

We all have eternal life.

Our eternity after death, depends on if we Accept Jesus or Reject Jesus. I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior. If you haven’t I pray that you feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit to draw you in and accept Him today. For today is the day of salvation. Do not put if off, as I stated before tomorrow may be too late. God sent his one and only precious Son, His Son without blemish to die for us. The debt was paid. We only must accept this payment on our behalf and give our total lives to him. A total surrender.

Look at it this way, you were guilty of a bad crime in court.

The judge says your fine is one million dollars. If you are like me, you don’t have one million dollars. Someone in the court room stands up and says, your honor, I love this person and I want to see them set free. Here is the one million dollars to pay their fines. What would you think about that person? Wouldn’t you want to owe your all for that person because they paid a debt that they didn’t deserve to pay?

This is why it is important we bring as many souls with us to Heaven as we can. 

If you had a cure for a disease you will want someone to tell you what it is. We were told to tell the whole world about Jesus Christ, it is a commandment, a commission to tell the world. Our mission field is where we are right now, your work place, your school, your neighborhood, where you go out to eat or shop, everywhere you go is your mission field. Go and tell others what Christ done for you!

I do like what Barnes says about the text in Matthew 13:41-43

And the righteous, however much wickedness they may see, and however many hypocrites there may be in the church, should be cheered with the prospect that soon the just will be separated from the unjust, and that they shall shine as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.
Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament.6

Did you make the time you have count?

Your Dashed line is what matters. What have you done for the Lord from birth till the end of your earthly time. After death comes judgement. We will be held accountable for what we could have done but didn’t, what did do and shouldn’t have. etc. Just think of all of those in the grave yards right now. If they could speak and you could hear, they would say why didn’t you tell me about Jesus Christ?

Let me tell you and remind you we all sin and fallen short of the glory of God, but his gift is everlasting life. We must believe in Him that he came, died and arose the the 3rd day and is now acceded into Heaven and sitting on the right hand of God. We must also confess our sins and repent. We must confess with a repentive heart, to turn away. from that sin that is eating you and keeping you from fellowship with Christ.

You have the choice to choose your final destination!

It is up to you and you are only responsible for yourself, Choose today who you will serve.

But as for me and my House we will serve the Lord.

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  5. Charles Spurgeon
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First published April 25, 2015. Last updated or republished May 13, 2021.

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7 thoughts on “Your Final Destination

  1. Strong call and sound reasons for nonbelievers to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Keep up the push to lead the unsaved to Christ.

  2. I see this heaven/hell subject and i get so frustrated. A long time ago the word Hades, Sheol and Hell meant “the grave.” Now men changed that, even in their bible revisions, so now. it means a burning place. (??? GOD didn’t change did He?) The lake of fire is the final destination of the wicked, not hell. As for the sanctified, God NEVER said we were going to “Heaven.” Does your bible say that? He said we are going to inherit the earth, the new earth, not heaven. The skies are the heavens and HE is above those, in His Kingdom. The two final destinations are The New Earth or The lake of fire, not heaven or hell. Those who actually read their bibles with Gods guidance, should know that. Why teach a lie based on association instead of the truth based on HIS Word? I believed all the heaven and hell stuff until i started reading HIS WORD with HIM. HE revealed to me what it really says, and i will stand firm.
    Yahweh has revealed in HIS WORD that HIS people will be brought UP into HIS kingdom after the tribulation, and then Gods sends down HIS bowls of Wrath onto the wicked…. Which leads to the battle of Armageddon…. when the evil on earth see Jesus coming down in His Kingdom with His angels, and HIS people…. , And then it is Judgment Day…. as HE rains fire down on the ENTIRE earth (thus, the lake of fire) And when the fire has quenched, the earth is refined, NEW, and HIS people come to the earth. And we inherit it…. The wicked are “the ashes under our feet.” It makes complete sense.
    “Exhort one another, especially as you see the day coming…”

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