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  • America’s Appetite for the Bible Grows

    America's Appetite for the Bible Grows - More Americans are expressing interest in increasing their interaction with the Bible, according to the annual State of the Bible research from American Bible Society. The 2018 report reveals a majority of Americans, 57 percent, declare they wish they used the Bible more. While 89 percent of those who are considered Bible Engagedi desire to increase their Bible use, 70 percent of those considered Bible Neutralii are also interested in greater time with the Bible. The findings of Americans' growing desire for more of the Bible are among a number of Bible stats recently released about Americans' beliefs and behaviors. 
  • Cow Appreciation Day

    Cow Appreciation Day - A day to appreciation cowshed have an undderlyy good time and score some free grub/food at Chick-Fil-A. Dress up and enjoy a family outing. #Chickfila #CowAppreciationDay #Cow #CowAppreciation
  • National Handshake Day

    National Handshake Day - I know in the Baptist faith we extended the right hand christian handshake. We use a handshake as a way of greeting someone. Some clubs and organizations have special handshakes. Did you know the the Bible tells us to greet each other with a Holy Kiss. #handshake #NationalHandShakeDay
  • Fourth of July Poem/Acronym

    Steve Patterson wrote a Christian poem/acronym for "Fourth of July" (4th of July) - Independence Day comes & everyday we owe God the thanks for our freedom. Includes a Free downloadable and printable version! #Fourth #July #4thofJuly
  • God the Father

    God the Father, is our Heavenly Father only if we are truly we born again (regeneration). That is when we come children of God. We can only become a child of God through His Son Jesus Christ and by Christ alone. #GodtheFather
  • National Jerky Day

    National Jerky Day: Other than the Word of God, I Believe i Could live off Beef Jerky. I thank God for allowing us to eat meat and that first person to make jerky. #NationalJerkyDay #JerkyDay
  • The Bible Pledge

    The Bible Pledge, a pledge recited during Vacation Bible School (VBS). Most of the text comes from two Bible verses in the Book of Psalm. #BiblePledge | Free Printable Version!
  • Omniscience

    Omniscience – God is all knowing. There is nothing that God does not know.   Omniscience Dr. Danny Forshee says in Living in the Light My MyDaily Devotion © 2107 by Dr. Johnny Hunt’s devotional on Page 119. A pastor of mine likes to say,...

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