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Proverbs 29: Day 29 of the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge. Read Chapter Twenty Nine of the Book of Proverbs. #Proverbs #Proverbs29 #bgbg2 #31DayProverbsChallenge

Proverbs 29 – We are slowly wrapping up the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge, where I have been taking one chapter of Proverbs per day for 31 days since there are 31 chapters in this Book. Today’s focus is on Proverbs 29, since it is day 29.


Proverbs 29

There are 27 verses in this chapter of Proverbs. This 29th Chapter of Proverbs goes over the righteous verses the wicked. It compares the good with the evil.

As I rereading this chapter of proverbs and working on this blog post again, this one struck me. I think mainly because it is election time. This is why the Bible speaks to us and is the Living Word of God. Each time we read it something else may stick to us. That is usually based on what is going on in our lives and what God wants us to hear.

[pullquote]When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice;
But when a wicked man rules, the people groan.[/pullquote]

Check out Proverbs 29:2, in this pull quote. How true this is, when we have a wicked person ruling, such as a king or even a president, we all groan. But when we have a good king or president, then we rejoice. It seems the wicked rulers are the ones that tear down the country, while the righteous ones help make the country prosper.

This is what I originally had posted, but the above stood out more this time to me. When a righteous person is in authority people rejoice that is because they know things will get done the correct way. That you don’t have to worry about anything. On the other hand if a wicked or evil person, is in authority, people will gripe or complain. They know things are not getting done correctly.

Another verses that stood out to me this second time was Proverbs 29:11, shown below.

A fool vents all his feelings,
But a wise man holds them back.

Just think how true that is, especially today with social media. We use Facebook and other social media outlets to air our dirty laundry and drama for everyone to see. This is stuff that not everyone needs to see. It can give foot hold for someone to use it against us. It can also be used to hurt our testimony. Think before you post! It can be a hard thing to do, not post what is going on. But we must be wise and not share everything with everyone. We must be like the wise man and hold our tongue. Remember, the Bible says the one that vents his feelings is a fool! So you become foolish airing your dirty laundry and drama for the world to see.

I also believe this is because the fool doesn’t care about what others think, they will just spill the beans. They do not control their tongue (what they say). A wise man always watches what he says. I think this is why a wise man never vents. Most venting is done out of anger anyways.

When we reach the end of God’s patients we are faced with God’s judgment.

"The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe." Proverbs 29:25
More in the 29th Chapter of Proverbs

See after godly wisdom to make your father happy. This not only will make your earthly father happy, but also your Heavenly Father.

I believe this Proverb warns us about flattery. Flattery can be a deceiving trap.

Proverbs 29, goes a few times talking about a righteous person and also a wicked or evil person.

If you believe lies you will become wicked.

Proverbs 29, also tells us the Lord gives light to all people.

Discipline Our Children

Verse 15, Proverbs 29:15, goes on talking about we are to discipline our children. If we let them go on their own they will bring shame. But if we tend to them, discipline them, show them right from wrong, they won’t because as they do get older they will remember it. They may be less likely to rebel. I think one problem we have today is parents today do not discipline their children. I think if we as parents disciplined our children more, we wouldn’t have as much problems as we do now. Today, parents want to be a best friend to their child or children.

[pullquote]”The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.” Proverbs 29:25[/pullquote]

When more people become wicked more sins are committed, but the righteous person will see the fall of the wicked and evil.

Again Proverbs 29, goes on about correcting your son, it means child, not necessary a male child. Again this goes with what I said above and in other previous post about disciplining. God disciplines us because, He Loves us. So should we discipline those we love.

Many seek the ruler’s favor,
But justice for man comes from the Lord.

Proverbs 29:26, tells us we shouldn’t fear man, if we do it is like us being in a snare, or a trap. It seems as if we cannot get out. But, Proverb 29, informs us we must trust in the Lord and we will be safe. Remember he is our Strong Tower. He is always there for us. He is the only one we can depend on! He is always with us and He will never leave us! We must have total trust and faith in Him and Him alone. Jesus is the only one that can fill the hole in our heart. Nothing else can fill it!

We need a reverence type of fear toward Him. One that you do not want to intentionally do wrong because He is our Father and we will have to face Him on it. A Respect type of fear to trust Him too.

What verses stood out to you or what stood out to you in Proverbs 29?

A fool vents all his feelings, But a wise man holds them back.

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