Repentance: It’s a 180 not a 360

Repentance: It’s a 180 not a 360! People will tell people you just need to do a 360 in your life. But if we did a 360 that means they are now facing the direction that they were. In order to turn your life around, you must do a 180.

Repentance: It’s a 180 not a 360

So it’s a 180 that we actually need a change in direction, going the other way. That 180 that we need is going in the direction of God not away. If we did a 360, we are only facing back the way we started. That means we are still going in the wrong direction. Think of it almost like the military and doing an about face!

Repentance It's a 180 not a 360 (About Face)

Also, if you think about it a circle is 360°. A half circle is 180°.

Repentance is the same thing. To repent means to change your mind or change your direction. God is the one that leads us to repent. He is the one that tells us we need to turn around and stop traveling to the world. Instead God, tell us we must do a 180 and turn to Him and follow him instead!

All things should point and lead toward Christ! We should see the things of God! Seek you first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. (Matthew 6:33). The Holy Spirit is the one that convicts us when we do wrong and tells us when we need to turn around and go the other way.

metanoeō (μετανοέω)

The dictionary tells us that repentance is a sincere regret or remorse. Repentance is from the Greek Word metanoeō (μετανοέω). See Strong’s #G3340. It has been used 36 times in 32 verses in the King James Version translation. We have been told to repent because the kingdom of heaven is at hand. See Matthew 3:2 and Matthew 4:17.

Even says this about an about face:

  1. The act of pivoting to face in the opposite direction from the original, especially in a military formation.
  2. A military command to turn clockwise 180°. A total change of attitude or viewpoint.

So Onward Christian Soldiers! When we fall short of God, we must repent right away! We must do an about face!

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