Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt

Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt. We are all called to be light and salt! Being a Christian Witness!

“You are the salt of the earth.”

“You are the light of the world.

Matthew 5:13-14

Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt

Every Christian is called to be a witness for Christ.

A Witness is a person with a type of personal experience.  A witness is also someone who is willing and capable of communicating. A witness also has a strong Biblical convection. Being a witness you are being bold and not afraid to share what you have heard or what you have seen what Christ has done for you. To be a witness you must be willing to be a martyr, to die for Christ for His name sake. Remember we have our guide, the Holy Spirit to help us witness. A witness also has first hand knowledge of something. Being a witness you can be a test to something (give your testimony).

Being a Witness for Christ: Light & Salt - Salt of the Earth - Light of the World - Clipart by
Salt of the Earth – Light of the World – Clipart by

What good is a silent witness?

If you are a silent witness you have no value. A silent witness will not go and spread the good news like God intends for us to do. If you are quiet and silent, how is anyone to know about Jesus? Learn to trust God and face your fear and share the good news of Christ with others!

Being a Christian you are under a microscope. 

Yes, just as it says under a microscope. You are being watched, you are being looked up to. You are to set the example. That is why it is important to live a Christ like life as much as possible, so that way you won’t taint the name of Christ.

Your tone makes a difference:

The way you witness makes a difference. Are you monotone or do you show enthusiasm  Is your body language show lacking or strength? The excitement you share can help show others Christ in you.

Influences affect us too: 

Our influences can affect others. If you read the Beatitudes they give the type of person God attends us to be. A reference point for this influence we have in the Bible uses Salt and Light reference. Like the partial Scripture shows above. We are the Salt of the Earth and the Light of the World. This is found again in Matthew 5:13-14.

Salt is uses to preserve: 

Just like we use salt to preserve foods like meat, salt helps to preserve God’s Word. We are to have an influence on others by the way we live and act. People should know we have been with the Lord. We do not want to have a corruption in our witness. If salt is left in its container, it cannot preserve anything. It must be out of the container to preserve. So the same with us, we need to be out in the World telling others about Christ.

Light reveals:

The Bible uses light to reveal God’s Word to others. Just like light helps us see. The Spiritual light is used to reveal Christ to others and their sin so they can change and know Christ and share with others Christ. Light reveals our sinful ways. It brings us out of the darkness. Darkness is a metaphor for sin. This spiritual light helps us to see the way, just like a flashlight is uses to help us see our way in the dark in physical being. If a light is covered it cannot shine. Remember the song This Little Light of Mine? Won’t Let Satan Blow it. Hide it under a bush or no! We must let our light shine for the World.

The world is getting much darker. That is when when the light of Jesus will shine brighter and stand out.

Do not conform to the world.

We are not to to conform to the Word or be of this World. We must show the World we are different and they want what we have in Jesus Christ. We cannot be like the World and give into the World, instead show them Christ in us. Thus being the salt and light. Being different in order to make others see Christ in us. We are a new Creation in Christ. It is obvious to others that we have been with Christ and that Christ lives in us. We are told to Go into the world, not be of the world. World is everyone you meet, coworkers, people at the store, restaurant, your school, anyone you come in contact with. We have tons of chances daily to witness to others.

It is all for the benefit of Jesus Christ! 

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First published June 17, 2013. Republishing August 17, 2018.


Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Bold about your Witness!


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  1. I think if we truly are filled with Him our light will shine. It will show that we been with Christ. Bible days Mose face was radiant from talking to God. When you been with God it will show.

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