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Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 2

Day 12 – Tuesday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Surgery

I went back to work this day. I can tell a difference since my pain medicine ran out. I now seem to keep a dull pain. That usually only seem to come on as the pain medicine would ware off, I could tell it was almost time to take my next dose.

I returned to work today. It was an okay day back. My throat hurt and was scratchy. I did pack me stuff to that I can eat at work. It did ware on me some.

I tied egg drop soup. It was alright. Just left a blah taste in my mouth afterward. I did let it cool.

I noticed once I got home from work my allergies kicked in big time. I haven’t taken my allergy medicine in awhile. I was afraid it would dry me out bug time. My nose began to run big time. Tons of sneezes and now did that not feel good on the troat. I’d say I sneezed 10 times or so back to back. I blew my nose after the sneeze fit and a little bit of blood came out. I wonder if a tonsillectomy scab in the very back came off. I didn’t notice blood when I spit to check or looked into my throat with a mirror either. So that was good.

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