No Shave November

November is No Shave November. No Shave November uses a unique way to grow cancer awareness. I guess from the pun, you might get it. No Shave. That means men you don’t shave your beards for the month of November for the No Shave November Cancer Awareness.

No Shave November

The purpose is to forgo the razor and not shave and evoke conversations about cancer awareness while getting hair or growing a Ducky Dynasty type beard. The point is to stop shaving and start fundraising for Cancer Awareness. Part of No Shave November is growing out your heard, but the money you normally spend on razors, was donated to cancer research.

No Shave November Flyer
No Shave November Flyer

Last month, October, was Think Pink Month for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Where I talked about the Pink Ribbon. This time I am talking about Not Shaving during the month of November.

Yes you can still trim and groom your beard, but it is talking about completely shaving off your beard. It ask that you go 30 days, the whole month of November without shaving. If you have a strict dress code at work about shaving, then please follow that.

I have heard November called Movember which got its start by raising awareness for charities in November by growing out your moustaches, how it is spelled in South Australia. Notice the spelling is the British type English and not the American English where the “O” is left off … mustache.

Where money goes

I notice that according to the No Shave November’s web site it claims it will donate no less than 80% of its funds equally to these charities. Since there are 4 charities listed, that means each one will get no less than 20%

It then claims 10% is put into reserves. 5% goes into fundraising and another 5% goes into administration. So that would mean 5% goes into someones salary and operational cost at No Shave November. The 10% that is held back goes into a reserve to be used for future campaigns. They actually tell you on their web site where funds go.

Men do you forgo shaving in November?

If you do, do you use the money saved on razors to go to cancer research or do you just not shave and keep the money?

You can find out more about No Shave November at


Posted on November 5, 2018 by the Jefferson City Police Dearptment Facebook.

Don’t be surprised if you see a JCPD officer with a little facial hair during the month of November. The department is participating in the No-Shave November fundraiser for cancer awareness. Officers who choose to sport a little scruff this month will have to donate $25. All of the proceeds will be forwarded to St. Jude Childrens’ Research Hospital in honor and support of the little ones braving the fight.

We’d like to invite the JCSO, Dandridge, White Pine and New Market police departments to join us for a good cause.

They challenged the JCSO (Jeferson County Sheriffs Office, Dandridge Police Department, White Pine Police Department and New Market Police Department, all the other police departments in the Jefferson County area, that I live in.

Information taken from the website. Priory published. Last republished or updated on October 29, 2020.

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  1. Did you know wlex 18 (nbc, lexington ky) won’t let thier men participate? One of the news casters spilled the beans last year. I find this funny considering the male staff of Good Morning Americs participate every year.

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