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Extended Tonsillectomy Recovery

This is about my recover progress past two weeks from Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery (T&A Surgery). #Tonsillectomy #Adenoidectomy

On April 7, 2016, I had Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery (T&A Surgery).

Recovery from Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery (Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery)
Recovery from Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery

You can read about my recovery during Week 1 & Week 2. I am now on Week 3 and beyond. I figured I would just put this as it’s own post. This won’t be as daily detailed like the first two weeks.

As you know I have already started to eat some regular soft foods. That has seemed to go good so far.

Day 16, Saturday, I did actually eat some more course foods, like breaded chicken. It is funny, it seems to kind of scratch and hurt a little my throat, but also feels good if that makes since. Maybe this is helping the tonsillectomy scabs. I still have to keep a watchful eye that I don’t cut one open and have it bleed excessively. I know I am so ready for these scabs to be totally healed. I do know it is in God’s timing for the healing too.

Day 17, Sunday, my throats doing alright. I’m eating more regular food. My throat is still mild, very mild in pain. Mostly feels like somethings stuck in the back of my throat. It is a little scratchy. Eating still feels funny. It hurts but the hurt feels good, like its scratching my throat from the inside. My weight went back down. I’m sure now that I’m eating more regular meals that it will go back up. Yawning and sneezing seems to hurt my throat some at this point but it’s still mild compared to first and even second week of recovery. I did spit up some blood, but not much.

Tuesday, Day 18, I returned to my full time job.  I returned to my part-time job. I did both jobs that day! My throat has been alright, however, after working both jobs, my throat began to hurt some, more than the usually mild discomfort. I think I got my throat dry.

Day 20, feels wild in pain very mild, just feels like a lump or something caught in my throat. I still see the scars.

Day 27 my scars are still there. They are faint and feels like something stuck in the back of my throat. I have been eating normal foods just fine. I still have yet to eat chips. I don’t want to take chances. Coke still burns my throat. My sister who had a tonsillectomy recently said it burned for her but helped to dissolve her scars.

Day 35, still feel like a lump in my throat and barely can see my scars.

(Days not mentioned but I still had same feeling of a lump or something stuck in my throat. Mild discomfort. Plus when I’d sneeze is spit up some blood, but not much.)

Day 40 I still feel like I have something stuck in my throat that feeling has lasted a long time.  Today my throat started to hurt bad. I looked and don’t see any scabs or red marks. Still feel like bad drainage too.

Day 41 I called to make an appointment with my ENT and said won’t be until 6 days before I can be seen. I did look again at my throat slightly red where scabs was, so it could be where mouth is trying to heal. Still feels like something stuck in my throat and I have bad drainage. So the mix may not help it any.

Day 42-44, I think it was sore from drainage from allergies and a cold. It’s now in my chest. So it wasn’t a complication. That’s good but still no fun a cold. But my throats back to feeling like a lump in it like before. Still no signs of the tonsillectomy scab.

Day 48, I went to my ENT for that cold. Got steroid shot. He looked at my throat and said my healing done great and now he wants to schedule my new sleep study to see if I need my CPAP machine anymore. (That will be done in July).

So it took over a month, I believe I am not all the way back to par, but I am sure in no time, I will be totally be back.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank everyone for the prayers and checking in on me. I would also like to thank my pastor Bob Neal and my buddy Pastor Justin Breeden for being there for me and praying before my surgery. I also want to thank Justin for driving me there. Plus driving me to get my post-op medicine needed. Then taking me home. Justin also writes a column on Courageous Christian Father called “The Word of the Week“.

I want to thank my neighbors for taking Amber to the store a few times.

Also thanks to the WMU ladies at my church for the balloon, card and ice cream and stuff you sent me home with one of the days during my recovery.

Plus the many friends, family, church members and readers who has been praying for me during my recovery process.

I knew God had me and was with me. What every happened, I was in God’s hands. NO greater hands to be in! I believe the prayers of my fellow brothers and sisters have helped with the recovery.

Also feel free to share your experience or concerns, it could help someone else experiencing the same procedure.

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