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Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 1

I share with you my experience with my first week of Tonsillectomy Recovery & my Adenoidectomy Recovery. I take each day and share with you my experience including pictures. #Tonsillectomy #Adenoidectomy

Day 2 – Saturday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery

Saturday, I felt okay.I tried to drive to the place that had my refill on my numbing suckers to cash my pizza delivery driver check. That drained me big time! I did make a stop along the way to Chick-fil-a and got me a milk shake to rest for awhile. I figured I would be good, but it proved me wrong.

I suggest if you need to be taken somewhere, have someone drive you there. Don’t attempt to drive. I know that was hard for me, as I am independent, not being married and not having someone that could help take care of me. I guess this is where being humble comes in to play.

I didn’t have too much problem eating, I did eat frozen Yo-Gurts and drank some. I even ate frozen strawberry apple sauce. This is very good frozen, just saying.

My cat, Lilly Bug, has stayed close to me during my recovery. She did that as well when I had my septoplasty surgery. She also seems to wake me at around time for my next dosage of medicine. She normally doesn’t wake me up.

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