Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 1

Day 3 – Sunday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery

Sunday, seemed to be a bad day as it Really hurt. My head started to hurt some too and body aches began. I felt my mouth was more swollen. My heart rate did seem to go down some, still high, but I seem to keep a high heart rate. I also did start to use throat spray as well. That seemed to help easy some of the discomfort.

I will say the Numbing suckers don’t last at all. I was given a total of six, three per script. These you can only suck on for 15 seconds at a time, you can repeat every hour.

I did start to take some Vitamin C and Zinc. If you can get it in a liquid format, do so. I have pills and those were hard to swallow. Vitamin C and Zinc has healing powers.

I even missed church, I rarely miss church. I missed being in fellowship with my fellow brothers and sisters. I think that was the hardest part of Sunday for me, missing church. I had no energy, felt drained, so I stayed home and rested.

I think not eating real food meals, doesn’t help with your energy level that. Food is what gives you energy and not being able to eat normal foods don’t help.

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