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Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 1

I share with you my experience with my first week of Tonsillectomy Recovery & my Adenoidectomy Recovery. I take each day and share with you my experience including pictures. #Tonsillectomy #Adenoidectomy

Day 4 – Monday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery

Monday, Day 4, seemed now to be the worst. It hurts much more than it has. It also feels more swollen. Much harder to swallow for me. My head hurt even more on this day. Plus my ears started to hurt too. Which is normal since wars is connected to that area. My jaws started to hurt too.

Plus Monday, has been another tough day of recovery. A lot of pain and discomfort. Throat, Ears, Head and body aches. I know God has me. I believe soon the scabs should be starting to come off, at least I hope. This is when I must keep an eye out for bleeding that can lead to possible hemorrhaging.

It seems I can feel pain more as I awaken from sleep. Might be because your mouth dries as you sleep. Most of my sleep is for short spurts of up to two hours at a time, most are usually around an hour. It was very broken sleep I would get according to my fitbit blaze.

If you do sleep, I recommend sleeping inclined or sleep sitting up. I wished I had a recliner to sleep in to help with that. But I don’t and used pillows to incline my sleep.

Day 4 Pic - gross
Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery - Day 4
Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy – Day 4

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