Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 1

Day 5 – Tuesday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery

This day has been okay, pain comes and goes. I do feel more and more like I have tons of drainage. I am hoping this is the start of the scabs coming off. I haven’t had to use the pain medicine as much today. I even tried some dill pickle juice. I do like dill pickle juice in general. I know that usually helps a sore throat. It did burn a little at first. I only took a small sip. I know vinegar has healing in it. My ears did begin to hurt even more and my jaw began to hurt more too.

Most of the time, when my pain would increase I would rock myself. I think my head hurt because it felt like I had sinus pressure, might be due to the radiating pain in my throat.

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