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Tonsillectomy Recovery Week 1

I share with you my experience with my first week of Tonsillectomy Recovery & my Adenoidectomy Recovery. I take each day and share with you my experience including pictures. #Tonsillectomy #Adenoidectomy

This blog post will show you my first week of Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery (T&A Surgery — when combine both) that was done on Thursday, April 7, 2016. I did page breaks for each day, make sure to click the next day or the navigation tabs under each day.

Please note that I did blog about my experience each day, so I did write this as I was experiencing this.

Day 1 – Friday

Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery

After 36 hours of completed Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy Surgery (T&A Surgery), Friday. My throat still hurts and feels like drainage in the back of my throat. The numbing suckers do seem to help a lot. Cold fluids and ice cream seem to help a lot. I do know I stay hungry on this soft food diet craving real food that I can’t eat just yet.

I had this surgery done on Thursday. Friday, I seemed okay, but that could be because I still had the anesthesia. It seemed that it didn’t bother me that much. I also know my fitness tracker, fitbit blaze, showed my heart rate even higher than normal.

I also noticed snoring with me, as I’m not a snorer. I looked into this. Snoring can occur and it is normal due to the tonsillectomy scabs and it should go away.

I even went to my part-time job to get my pay check and boss man there looked survived to see me up. I was surprised too. I guess shock didn’t hit me yet.

The pain medicine was in a liquid form and it did burn some taking it.

Day 1 Pic - gross
Tonsillectomy Recovery & Adenoidectomy Recovery - Day 1
Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy – Day 1

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