The Titanic Bible

On my visit to the Titanic Museum, on May 10, 2014, I got to see a Bible, that survived from The Titanic. This Bible is known as the Titanic Bible. This Bible that survived the sinking is in the original Greek and the King James Version (KJV). It is said it is to be the only Bible that survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic Bible
Titanic Bible

The Titanic Bible

This Bible belonged to Rev. Robert J. Bateman, founder of People’s Tabernacle Church. He handed the Bible to his sister-in-law, Ada Ball before she was placed on a lifeboat. Ball handed it over to her sister, Emily, Robert’s wife, residents to Knoxville. Bateman was originally from the United Kingdom, but took up home in Knoxville, TN. On Emily’s death-bed she gave it to Dr. Harry Upperman from the Baxter Seminary here in Baxter, Tennessee,” said Bob Thone, the actor portraying Rev. Robert Bateman at the Titanic Museum. This Bible was passed from the Titanic to one of the lifeboats April 14-15, 1912.

As they were preparing this Bible the pages fell open to John 6:16-21. Those scriptures read …

16 And when even was now come, his disciples went down unto the sea,

17 And entered into a ship, and went over the sea toward Capernaum. And it was now dark, and Jesus was not come to them.

18 And the sea arose by reason of a great wind that blew.

19 So when they had rowed about five and twenty or thirty furlongs, they see Jesus walking on the sea, and drawing nigh unto the ship: and they were afraid.

20 But he saith unto them, It is I; be not afraid.

21 Then they willingly received him into the ship: and immediately the ship was at the land whither they went.

This is a quote from the Press Release about this Bible.

“There were 2,208 passengers and crew members on board Titanic, mostly Christians carrying personal bibles with them, but when the ship sank, only one of hundreds of bibles were saved,” explains Mary Kellogg Joslyn, co-owner of the Titanic Museum Attractions. “It’s an amazing, spiritual story that we’re honored and proud to share with our guests when they reach the Memorial Room where this priceless bible is enshrined,” says Kellogg Joslyn.

Bible survivals

I have always heard it said that usually when disasters occur that one of the things that usually survive is the Bible. This includes home fires, flooding, and more. I am not totally sure how accurate that is, but that amazing that it does. Take some time and google the keywords “Bibles survive fires” and see the results! I believe that is just the work of God protecting His Word!

It is just like this Bible in Memphis that survived a fiery car crash. (click to read about that)

On Display

The Titanic Bible belongs to the Upper Room Museum in Nashville, where it was on display. This Bible was dedicated on National Day of Prayer, May 1, 2014 at the Pigeon Forge, TN location.

The Titanic Bible, on loan will be display at the Pigeon Forge, TN location until August 2014. Go and check this exhibit out. Feel free to talk to them about your faith. Tell them Courageous Christian Father sent you.

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Photo used compliments of the Titanic Museum
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Most of this was originally posted on my Titanic Museum Review blog post, but I wanted to feature the Titanic Bible separately in it’s own blog post. First published May 14, 2014. Republished April 15, 2015. Republished April 15, 2016. #Titanic #Titanic104 #TitanicBible

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