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The Bible according to ChatGPT

The Bible according to ChatGPT – this is a response I got when I asked this AI to write me an article on the Bible. #Bible

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Can we live without our smart phones?

Can we live without our smart phones? #smartphones We can literally do most anything on our smart phones. The old saying there’s an app for that. So can we unplug or rid ourselves from our smart phones?

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10 Digit Dialing

10 Digit Dialing a new requirement for many places to dial the full 10 digit phone number fir all local calls.

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Alexa Not Dismiss Playing Music Workaround

Alexa Not Dismiss Playing Music Workaround – Get tired of Alexa not dismissing playing music? Here is one workaround. #Alexa #EchoDot

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World Emoji Day 🗓️

World Emoji Day 🗓️ – an unofficial holiday for those emojis that we add to texting, social media and emails. #WorldEmojiDay

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Cleaning the RocketBook Cloth

Cleaning the RocketBook Cloth – We’re going to clear some pages I got my cloth wet I got a little too wet and running out and noticed the colored water coming out. #RocketBook

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The right ways to update a résumé

The right ways to update a résumé – Updating a résumé with the goal of standing out among a crowded pool of applicants is a great way for job seekers to land a new job.

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Pens to use on a Rocketbook

Pens to use on a Rocketbook. I share what pens, writing devices you can use on a Rocketbook. The answer to that is …

Our Nose in the Bible
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Our nose in the Bible

What if we spend at much time with our nose in our phones, tablets or other technology as we do putting our nose in our Bible and actually read and study it?

My goofy picture my daughter took of me
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My Goofy Picture My Daughter Took

Goofy picture my adult daughter, Amber, took of me using a dog filter on snapchat. I’m wearing my blog shirt too. So I figured I’d share it with everyone.

Chick-fil-A Family Challenge Cell Phone Coop
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Chick-fil-A Family Challenge

The Chick-fil-A Family Challenge involving a cell phone coop! Are you up to it? It could land you free desert if you can do it! It will be hard for most …. #chickfila #familychallenge #cellphonecoop

Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data-71789
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Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data

Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data might be a safe thing to do with your smart phone enabled device. It can be easy to leave your device somewhere and another person swipe and your device to never been seen and the data on it to be recovered by them.

block robocalls
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Block Robocalls

Robocalls, or unsolicited prerecorded calls and SPAM text messages from businesses or organizations, aren’t only annoying, but illegal under federal law if sent to your mobile device without your consent. #RoboCalls

Security Facts & Figures: Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked image - Visually Hacked
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Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked

Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked while we are in public using our mobile devices or laptops from prying eyes to snoop that are around us.

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How to get unplugged from your devices

How to get unplugged: While technology can be convenient, many people find themselves spending more time on their devices than they might prefer.

intelliGLASS HD for iPhone5
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intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review

I write a blog review about the intelliGLASS screen protector and I talk about the features of this product too in this product blog review. #intelliGLASS

iPhone: Remove From Recents
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iPhone: Remove from Recents

I share with you how to remove recent contacts on your iPhone, these are the ones you see when you go to compose a message in iMessenger or Email. #iphone