Our nose in the Bible

What if we kept our nose in the Bible like we do on our phones and tablets? I believe we spend more of time with our nose in our phones than we do our nose in our Bible. Just some food for thought.

Our Nose in the Bible

Our nose in our phones 

We walk around totally clueless with our nose in our phones. We are texting, chatting, surging the web and much more. Letting life pass us by and not paying attention to anything else. We seem to be able to stay connected to loved one, friends, family, work and more by keeping our nose in our phones and seeing what everyone else is doing or not doing.

What if we put our nose was in our Bible instead of our phones? We actually studied the Bible for what it truly is …

Our nose in the Bible

Just think if we spent as much time in God’s Word, The Bible as we do our phones and technology like tablets, laptops, computers, etc. just how different things would be. If we actually studied for ourselves and not take the word of everyone who claims to know the word. How do we truly know that our pastor is telling us the true word if we are not having our noses in His Word.

We too often trust what other people says the Bible is saying without us seeking out what it truly says.

Maybe the world wouldn’t live in as much open sin or darkness if they actually would read and take to heart the warnings God gives us. I think most of us don’t want to read the Bible because it is Light, it reveals and people prefer darkness because they do not want their evil or sinful ways exposed.

Remember one day it all will come out in judgement day.

I encourage you to try to put down that phone and get into the Word of God instead, this includes myself. I know I can be guilty of my nose in my phone more than my nose in the Bible. When you do go to study the Bible, turn your phone on Air Plane Mode so you wont’ be distracted by it and put it away.

We say we don’t have time to read the Bible or study, but we do have time to just aimlessly surf the web or go on social media. We can use that time to study the Bible instead. Time stop making excuses! So you trust God by staying in His Word.

Remember we don’t answer to man at the end, we answer to God, Himself on Judgement Day. We are never promised tomorrow. Tomorrow may come too late. You may say I will do that tomorrow, but that is putting it off and off. Do it now and today!

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