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Big Kahuna Wings (BKW) – is this week’s Travel Thursday. – We visited the location by West Town Mall in Knoxville, TN. This is a local company based in Knoxville area. My wife and I was out and said let’s try somewhere new and this is where we ended up! #BKW #BigKahunaWings

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Lost Kitties Review – This is our take on the toy. Lost Kitties is a toy that comes with a tiny cat figurine, 2 accessories and compound putty. #LostKitties

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RocketBook Everlast – This is my review of this product. Plus, I talk about what this can do with some tips too. #RocketBookEverlast #RocketBook

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Apostle Paul, Most Inspiring from the Bible – A very inspiring man of the Bible to me is the Apostle Paul. I believe the Apostle Paul is the most inspiring man of the Bible to me besides Jesus Christ. He was the greatest and most influential. Just think of the great conversion he experienced. He literally was blinded then he could see again. He experienced first hand a miracle of Christ. The best part is the saving power of Jesus Christ. #ApostlePaul

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