My Goofy Picture My Daughter Took

Goofy Picture: This is a goofy picture my adult daughter, Amber, took of me using a dog filter on snapchat. I’m wearing my blog shirt too. So I figured I’d share it with everyone.

I think I look pretty funny.

My Goofy Picture My Daughter Took

My goofy picture my daughter took of me

My daughter even took one of my mom too using this dog filter. She says that this picture stands out in her thumbnails of her phone. There is another picture she took of her and I with flower rings on our heads. It’s amazing the technology today and what you can auto add to pictures now. Stuff that use to take you using programs like Photoshop.

Sometimes as a parent we must be goofy with our children. But sometimes us parents are always goofy and our children don’t think we are, but their friends do, but you know deep down they know it. When I am mean goofy, I mean silly/funny.

Does your teen or adult child take funny or goofy pictures? Sometimes the goofy picture can create some memories.


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