intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review

intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review – I was recently given an intellGLASS Screen Protector to do a blog review for Tomoson a blog review company. I got my intelliGLASS product today for the iPhone 5S. Not to mention, I was given the HD version. It won’t work with the Lifeproof nüüd case, so I had to remove that case, to put on this screen protector. That was a little challenge to remove the Lifeproof case. Following the instructions to put on this screen protector. Including cleaning of the screen like it said and prepped the phone. Once it was time to apply the screen protector, I noticed that the intelliGLASS was a little thicker than the normal film screen protectors that you use. So I applied this new screen protector. It was very easy to apply. I had no issues applying the protector.

intelliGLASS Screen Protector Review

intelliGLASS HD for iPhone5
intelliGLASS HD for iPhone5

Lifeproof Case Warning

Just a little bit of warning for those with the Lifeproof nüüd case or perhaps any Lifeproof case. I tried to reapply the Lifeproof case and it wouldn’t not properly seal back into place. The top would pop back off easily. I do not know if this was from where I had to remove the case and had to reapply the case or if it is due to the fact that now the iPhone is a tad bit thicker. But, nevertheless I could not reapply my Lifeproof case.

Some testing and notices

I have not got to use the phone that much. I figured I would get a blog post started and published on this review. But, if I do notice anything with it then I will amend this blog post and perhaps republish it. If you have an intelliGLASS please share for what phone and what kind and your experience. I tested it and it seems to be responsive to touch and I noticed that the screen looked a little different. This may be due to I have the HD version. So far I seem to like it.

Info on the intelliGLASS HD

Some info about the intelliGLASS screen protector. This is from the box. The say it is the Smarter Screen Protector. It is ultra clear, which I did notice that it was. I can not tell it is on the iPhone unless I look very close at the iPhone. The box also says it is exceptionally strong. It is a slim fit the box says, but like I mentioned above it is thicker than the traditional screen protector films out in the market. The say it has an Oleophobic coating. It also said it was easy to install on the box. I did find it was easy to install. The box also had a tamper resistant seal on the side of the box.

The box goes more in-depth about each aspect of the product like how it has maximum transparency and the hardness is a 9H and they said that a diamond is harder. It can withstand dings and hits and also a tempered shock for break resistance. I believe unlike the other screen protectors made of plastic or whatever else. This one is actually made of tempered glass.

Oleophobic Coating

I wasn’t sure what Oleophobic Coating meant, but on the back it says it is to help say goodbye to smudges and fingerprints. I will have to keep on eye out and if my finger prints stay or not, because I know before you could see my finger swipes and prints. But doing a test I could still see where I had my fingers. So I am not sure why mine still showed. Maybe it reduces it, not totally sure.


The intellGLASS is also backed by a lifetime warranty. I am not sure the actual cost of one of these products since this one was given free to me for a blog review. But on their website at the time of this posting it says it is $12.95, originally $45. At that special price it may be worth it to protect your investment of your cell phone or tablet. (That’s the price of the iPhone 5/5S/5C HD version).  They even have customer support service where you can ask questions and they have a video you can watch on how to install the product online if you wish to watch before you install.

Also note, this has a special adhesive to the back of the product, it will become permanently bonded to your phone. That special adhesive is to help reduce bubbling.

More Info

For more information on intelliGLASS please visit:

Image used taken from their website for the product I am reviewing.


Update: Not sure when, but sooner or later my glass started to feel off.

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