Wiper Blades Up!
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Wiper Blades Up!

Wiper Blades Up! Want to help preserve those wiper blades during the winter times of snow, freezing rain and slush. When you have your car parked raise your wiper blades up and away from the window. If they are up on the window, they can stand a chance of freezing to the window, especially when freezing rain comes and causes slush and freezes that slush. #WiperBlades

6 ways to be kind to food servers - Servers are at the heart of the restaurant industry, and there are various ways to show them how much their efforts are appreciated.
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6 ways to be kind to food servers

6 ways to be kind to food servers – Servers are at the heart of the restaurant industry, and there are various ways to show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

Turkey Tips Printable
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Turkey Tips That Save Time And Money (Free Printable)

Tips for preparing to cook your turkey for Thanksgiving. A good entertainment plan that saves time and money is something to be truly thankful for. With the right plan, all that cooks will need to do on Thanksgiving Day is put dishes into the oven and remove them when they are done. A few hints from professional chef Jim Coleman can help you save money while affording you more time to spend with your guests. Now with a free printable version! #Turkey #Thanksgiving #TurkeyTips #Recipe

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) #NaBloPoMo
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National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)

National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) I talk about a month for us bloggers. I talk a little about it and why I blog and much more. #NaBloPoMo

Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries
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Change Your Clock Change Your Batteries Safety Tip

It is time to change our clocks again, while we are changing our clocks it is a good idea to change our batteries. Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery!

Halloween Is More Dangerous on a Saturday
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Halloween Is More Dangerous on a Saturday

Halloween Is More Dangerous on a Saturday – Just think about that a moment. More people are off of work. Not to mention more people will party and drink and much more!

The Teal Pumpkin Project
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Teal Pumpkin Project – Some Ideas for Non-Food Treats

The Teal Pumpkin Project – Teal is the new Orange! – Help save God’s children by not giving them allergen containing treats, but other gifts instead. Plus raising awareness of food allergies during Trick or Treats or Trunk or Treats. Did you know that 1 in 13 children have a form of food allergy? #TealPumpkinProject #TealPumpkin #Halloween #Teal #FoodAllergies #FACET #FARE

Spring Ahead! Day Light Saving Time Begins
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Spring Ahead! Daylight Saving Time Begins

It’s that time again! Time to SPRING AHEAD! or Spring Forward however you want to look at it. Basically for most of us we set our clocks ahead an hour before we go to bed. If we don’t we may be late for church or even work. #timechange #daylightsavingtime #springahead #ChangeBattery #ChangeClock

Recycled Christmas Cards
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Think Green Reuse or Recycle Those Christmas Cards

Think Green (Reuse or Recycle) Those Christmas Cards that you get. Don’t just toss them in the garbage. Bring new life to these Christmas Cards. (Greeting Cards)

Save Energy with Christmas Decorations
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Save Energy With Christmas Decorations

Save Energy With Christmas Decorations – Tips to save energy this Christmas season with Christmas Decorations. The Christmas season allows people to transform their homes into wonderlands of lights, garlands and poinsettias. Each family has its own Christmas traditions, and decorations are a part of many of those traditions. #Christmas

Proverbs 24:16
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Proverbs 24

Proverbs 24: Day 24 of the 31 Day Proverbs Challenge. Read Chapter Twenty Four of the Book of Proverbs. #Proverbs #Proverbs24 #bgbg2 #31DayProverbsChallenge

Debris Burning image
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Practice Safe Debris Burning

Safe Debris Burning. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry is reminding residents who want to burn yard debris to follow simple safety practices to prevent wildfires

Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips
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10+ Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips

10+ Kindness Rocks Hiding Tips. This is a user imputed list of tips to hide Kindness Rocks. This list can also work for finding kindness rocks. After all you use these tips to hide them, so they can be used for finding them too.

13 Tips for That Next Road Trip
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13 Tips for That Next Road Trip

13 Tips for that Next Road Trip. Before you go on your next road trip you might want to check out these 13 tips to make sure you are ready to go. #CarsCom #ad

How I've Blogged Daily for Nearly 3 Years
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How I’ve Blogged Daily For Nearly 3 Years

How I’ve Blogged Daily For Nearly 3 Years I share some of my experiences and tips on how I was able to blog daily for nearly 3 years. #BloggingDaily #Blogging

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Fire Safety 101 – Home Fire Safety Checklist & Facts About Fire

Fire Safety 101 – Home Fire Safety Checklist & Facts About Fire – Fire safety tips, Fire Safety check list, safety information, facts about fire & change your clocks, change your batteries information for your household & family. . #FireSafety #FireFacts #FireSafetyChecklist

Tips 71907
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Five Tips To Help You Save Year-Round

Making a few simple DIY changes to your home can help you decrease monthly costs and reduce the need for…

A Cat in a Cat Litter Box
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Prevent litter box problems

Routine maintenance can eliminate litter box problems. If you have children, you know they can slack on maintaining their chores to help keep the litter box clean. But, it is very important for us and the cat to keep up with it. #Cats #LitterBox

Fix A Leak image
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Take 10 Minutes To Stop Leaks

Want to stop wasting water—and money—at home? Take 10 Minutes To Stop Leaks and become a leak detective with these clues ton help you detect and fix leaks. #FixALeakWeek

Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data-71789
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Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data

Deter Smartphone Thefts & Protect Your Data might be a safe thing to do with your smart phone enabled device. It can be easy to leave your device somewhere and another person swipe and your device to never been seen and the data on it to be recovered by them.

block robocalls
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Block Robocalls

Robocalls, or unsolicited prerecorded calls and SPAM text messages from businesses or organizations, aren’t only annoying, but illegal under federal law if sent to your mobile device without your consent. #RoboCalls

Woman Changing Her Wiper Blades
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Fall Car Care Tips

Here are some Fall Car Care Tips to prepare your car for fall and the upcoming colder weather.

Security Facts & Figures: Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked image - Visually Hacked
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Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked

Three Ways To Avoid Being Visually Hacked while we are in public using our mobile devices or laptops from prying eyes to snoop that are around us.

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Strawberries good for the heart and may help diabetes, tips to enjoy strawberries, keeping strawberries, and 12 reasons to enjoy strawberries. #strawberries

MetroCreative image EL156244
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How to get unplugged from your devices

How to get unplugged: While technology can be convenient, many people find themselves spending more time on their devices than they might prefer.

Image compliments of NAPSnet
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Safety on the Road

Safety on the Road: Technology can help reduce your risk by improving your awareness behind the wheel, no matter how old your vehicle may be. #StoptheText

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Quick & Easy Way to Slice Watermelon (Video)

Pauline Gilmer from Chattanooga, TN shows how an easy and quick way to slice watermelon into cubes in this video. #watermelon

Boating image from NAPSnet
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Top 10 Tips For Smooth Boating Safety

When hitting open waters this season, safety should be a top priority for passengers AND the boat itself! Before setting sail, check out these 10 helpful tips to keep everyone onboard and your boat safe.

Corn on the Cob
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The Best Corn On the Cob

A recipe on how to make the best corn on the cob that you have to boil. You only need to add a few extra things in the water as you boil the corn. It is very simple!

Cookie Monster - Soft Cookies
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How To Keep Soft Cookies Soft By Adding One Thing

How To Keep Soft Cookies Soft By Adding One Thing Soft Cookies are my favorite type of cookies. A tip to help keep those cookies staying soft and not hard.

Frozen Water Bottles & a Cooler
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Prevent Food From Getting Soggy In a Cooler

I share a tip on how to Prevent Food From Getting Soggy In a Cooler, for when you go on that next trip with the youth, church or family and you have food and a cooler.

#X Before You Drive
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Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know

Quick Guide: #X (Pound X) Before You Drive so others will know What is #X? Do you use #X? Has someone sent you #X? Find out about #X. #PoundX #StoptheText

God Profile
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If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles?

If God’s Important to you, then why isn’t He in your profiles? Most of all of us are Online. We have Twitter, Facebook or if we are single, dating profiles. We all say He is first, but we don’t make mention of Him in our profiles. How can others tell He is first if we don’t make mention of Him there?

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Avoid Title Pawns

Do not take out a Title Pawn loan. This blog post talks about an experience and why I believe you shouldn’t take a title pawn out on your vehicle.

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Tract Pack

Tract pack, a gospel backpack, or bag, sack to carry your gospel tracts, Bibles, Gospels, and/or Christian Books in while you go out witnessing and handing out tracts.

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Growth Through Study

Growth Through Study comes from studying the Bible and learning more about Jesus and God.

steve's fitbit
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How to get fit by walking with a fitbit activity tracker device

I talk and review my thoughts about the fitbit Ultra Tracker pedometer. It is more then a pedometer. It can track steps, distance, calories burned, sleep and even stairs climbed. Find out my review by reading this blog entry.

The Resolution - Steve Patterson's signed resolution on the wall with his family pictures.
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I made the Courageous Pledge (Known as the The Resolution)

I resolved to be a godly father! I took the Resolution, that is the pledge off of the movie Courageous. Do you resolve to be a godly father, to be the spiritual leader of your home that God designed us to be?

Eagle Scout - Greatest Accomplishment - To Succeed you need the 3 D's
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To Succeed you need the 3 D’s

To Succeed you need the 3 D’s. Read my post to find out what those three D’s are.

PH1735 - Put your cell phone away.
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Put your cell phone away and keep your hands on the wheel

Tips, advice and dangers texting and driving. Put your cell phone away. Distracted driving is very dangerous. #StoptheText