Can we live without our smart phones?

Can we live without our smart phones? #smartphones We can literally do most anything on our smart phones. The old saying there’s an app for that. So can we unplug or rid ourselves from our smart phones?

Can we live without our smart phones?

I would say … Yes! But we are way too dependent on them for almost everything.

We have access to tons of information in our hands. We can comp shop prices, read books and blogs, get recipes, read the Bible, watch tv shows and much more.

Before you drive #X!

Communication can be instant all the time too. So could we unplug or totally rid ourselves of our smart phones?

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Of course we can, but do we choose to do it? Or are we addicted to out technology information on our smart devices and smart phones.

smart phone rules for a teenager

I am sure we would see signs of withdrawal when we did ourselves or unplug from smart phones. That withdrawal would be the same kind of withdrawals from any addiction.

Another question do we use our smart phones to help or hinder Kingdom growth. (Evangelism – Bring someone to Jesus or away from Jesus).

Remember this! We cannot take our smart phones with us to Heaven.

I believe that ONLY with the help of Jesus we can unplug or even rid ourselves of our smart phones.

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