National Kentucky Day #NationalKentuckyDay #Kentucky

National Kentucky Day

National Kentucky Day – A Day for Kentuckians, held annually On October 19, National Kentucky Day recognizes the 15th state to be granted statehood. Kentucky became a State just prior to Tennessee, by four years.

Kentucky is the Commonwealth (state) just North of me. Plus the state where my wife, Heather is from. Kentucky is a Commonwealth. There are four states that are commonwealths:

  1. Kentucky
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Virginia.

National Kentucky Day #NationalKentuckyDay #Kentucky

National Kentucky Day

Song: My Old Kentucky Home

This is the song my wife and I sing when either one of us enter Kenutcky. (or both of us together).

Tree: Tulip Popular

Bird: Northern Cardinal

Rock: Kentucky Agate

Wild Animal: gray squirrel

Horse: Thoroughbred

Dance: Clogging

Beverage: Milk

Fish: Kentucky spotted bass

Flower: Goldenrod

Fruit: BlackBerry

Butterfly: Viceroy Butterfly

State Motto: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” adopted 1942

Official Latin Motto: “Deo gratiam habeamus” (“Let us be grateful to God”), adopted 20

Slogan: Kentucky Unbridled Spirit

Nickname: Bluegrass State

Became a state: June 1, 1792 (14th State to Join)

Commonwealth: Actually Kentucky is not a state, it is known as a commonwealth.

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First Published October 30, 2017. Last republished or updated October 18, 2018.

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