Breast Health Day

Breast Health Day – a day to help raise awareness about Breast Cancer. #BreastHealthDay

Breast Health Day

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Pink Ribbon is used for Breast Cancer in women and Light Blue and Pink for men. Yes, Breast Cancer can even effect men.

A Million Little Things, actor James Roday plays a guy called Gary who has breast cancer. I have even been told I should be screened, because of family history. My Aunt Dawn died from it. She is my mom’s sister. However, my doctor wouldn’t do it. Plus, I have called mobile mamogram screening and they tell they are for women only.

Most men delay going to the doctor too or don’t think anything about a lump on their chest. It is common but also rare, but the fact men may delay going to the doctors or never going, could mean the stats could be higher maybe.

Learn more about Male Breast Cancer!

WBIR a local news channel in Knoxville has what is called Buddy Check 10. To remind women to do self breast exams as a preventive for breast cancer or other medical breast conditions.

Breast Health Day is held October 15 of each year. Where the first occurrence was in Milan, Italy in 2008.

2018, marked the 10th Anniversary. Which that years theme was “Healthy Lifestyle for Breast Health”. 2019 also used the same theme. I couldn’t find if the theme was the same for 2020, as they still show 2019 on their website.

EUROPA DONNA plays a big role in this day and plans events and such each year.

First published October 13, 2018. Last updated or republished October 14, 2019.

Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Face Mask

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