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Former Satanist Warns About the Dangers of Halloween

Former Satanist Warns About the Dangers of Halloween. John Ramirez, who used to be a high-ranking priest within the Satanic Temple before miraculously having his heart opened to the Gospel, shares the story of his personal involvement with satanism and celebrating Halloween in order to warn parents of its dangers. Ramirez has been warning parents since 2014. The question of should Christians celebrate Halloween always come about this time of year. Ramirez gives warnings to Christians about the dark holiday … Halloween and why Christians shouldn’t celebrate it.

Former Satanist Warns About the Dangers of Halloween

Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, said: “I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. Welcome to Halloween.” Even the founder of the the Church of Satan says we are playing in the dark world by doing Halloween. So there is proof pf the Dangers of Halloween.

Former Satanist Warns About the Dangers of Halloween

We are quick on our feet to rush and honor the devil in so many ways. Plus, we see no harm in Halloween, because we think it is fun. We paint our faces, we wear our innocent costumes, we dress up our doorways—even churches dress up their entryways for Halloween with pumpkins. These actions are like giving the devil license, saying, “Here’s my church. You can have it.”

The enemy owns you

We think because we are not performing any demonic rituals or human sacrifices that we are on safe ground. However, did you know that as soon as you dress up, whether you color yourself or put on a costume, the enemy owns you? Because by doing so, you have turned over your legal rights, and you have dedicated yourself and your kids to celebrating the devil’s holiday. You have just made a pact with the enemy, and you are already sacrificing your children spiritually by dressing them up and changing their identity.

“I am glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year. Welcome to Halloween.”

Losing Our Identity

Ramirez’s mind goes back to the night of Oct. 31, 1987, when he had the most diabolical wedding on the planet. His fiancé and him decided to get married on Halloween. In a demonic ritual that lasted all night, and the wedding bells were heard all the way down to the gates of hell.

Halloween is special to devil worshippers

As devil worshippers, aka Satanist, Halloween is special to them. They looked forward to celebrating it because they knew the implications and the dark power behind the night. It is very different from every other night in the witchcraft world. It would be like saying to believers today, “How important to you are Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday?” Halloween has that much weight and importance to those who dwell on the dark side.

Ramirez remember the days leading up to Halloween, as a devil worshipper, our instructions from the demon world about what had to be done. They knew it was going to be a long night. He would sleep all day to be rested up and ready for midnight so he could unleash hell on the world into the wee hours of the morning.

Harvest Instead of Halloween!

Some churches remove the word “Halloween” and call it “harvest” instead, with members dressing up in costumes, giving out candy and bobbing for apples. It saddens his heart. Turning away from this “holiday” is not missing out on anything, so let us get that off our minds.

If they are trying to use certain secular holidays for evangelistic purposes, to win souls, this is the way Ramirez would do it as a minister. He would make it a biblical movie night with popcorn and soft drinks for the kids and grownups. He would invite unsaved friends and family. Plus, his intention for the event would be to expose the origin and dangers of Halloween. Then, turn it into a great movie night. Plus, a small teaching afterward from God’s Word about His love and the finished work of the cross. Finally, Ramirez would have an altar call and make it a special night for all to remember.

The only harvest we should celebrate is the harvest of souls.

Here are some Halloween Alternatives

Halloween alternatives

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