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It's My Pleasure, to share this blog entry about Chick-fil-A, a Christian-based business that is closed on Sunday. #ChickfilA

My Pleasure a Chick-fil-A review – Another Christian based business I want to write a review on is Chick-fil-A. We all know they are a Christian based business. One thing that sets them apart is they are closed on Sunday’s. According to their website, the reason they are closed on Sundays is to spend time with family and friends, rest and worship if they choose to do so.


My Pleasure a Chick-fil-A review

According to Chick-fil-A’s website; Chick-fil-A got it start in 1946, when Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant, Dwarf Grill, in Hapeville, Georgia. By 1967 he founded Chick-fil-A where his stores opened in shopping malls. Currently there 1700 location and 39 states and Washington, DC.

Chick-fil-A does a lot of stuff with local communities. They are even the sponsor the Peach Bowl. One other thing that sets Chick-fil-A apart from a lot of other places is that when you tell them thank you for something they always reply back with …

Chick-fil-A logo
Chick-fil-A logo

“My Pleasure!”

I love her chicken nuggets and their chicken sandwich. The spicy chicken sandwich is good too. I enjoy their sweet tea. They have kids menus as well as offer birthday parties for the kids. Some locations have a playground for the kids to play in. This is a family-friend restaurant.

Another perk about Chick-fil-A is most of the ones I’ve been to in Knoxville and in Morristown of Tennessee all have WiFi. So you can go, take your laptops and enjoy some good food while using WiFi to get some work (personal or businesses) done. Not to mention, I believe the biggest thing that most people associate Chick-fil-A with is the cows, got they’re starting 1995. This promotion was to help promote eating chicken instead of beef. These black & white cows hold up signs that say …

‘Eat Mor Chikin’

Eat Mor Chickin - Chick-fil-A cows
Eat Mor Chickin – Chick-fil-A cows

I pray more businesses and stand out above the crowd and boldly say that there a Christian based business. Being closed on Sundays and Bible verses on their drinking cups in food wraps, etc. If I owned my own business … I would make sure that I closed any business I had on Sundays and closed early on Wednesday so that myself and my employees may attend church services. It takes a big step for a business to close for church services. After all God rested on the 7th day after He created everything. God expects us to keep the Sabbath and keep it holy. He set the example by resting on the 7th day.

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