How to show appreciation to the Law Enforcement Community

How to show appreciation to the law enforcement community.  When private citizens come into contact with law enforcement, that contact is not always made under ideal circumstances. While keeping order, law enforcement personnel must write citations or take action when anyone violates the law. However, enforcing the law involves much more than simply writing tickets or making arrests. Officers and agents are on the side of the public and are often the first people men, women and children look to when they need help.

How to show appreciation to the Law Enforcement Community

How to show appreciation to the law enforcement community. Small gestures of appreciation can show law enforcement just how much they are appreciated.
Small gestures of appreciation can show law enforcement just how much they are appreciated.

Law enforcement professionals are often taken for granted. But it’s never too late to thank a police officer for his or her efforts. The following are several ways to express appreciation to local law enforcement in your community.

Wear and display blue

Many law enforcement workers are known for their blue uniforms. Blue usually represents police and other upholders of the law. Proudly display blue ribbons, blue lights or flags on homes and businesses. Wear blue shirts or law enforcement-inspired insignia to public or high-profile events as a token of appreciation for local law enforcement. Even buy a blue light for your front porch and keep it lit. Almost works like the Green Light for a Vet, but using a blue light instead. Also check out All Things Blue.

Thank an officer

When ever you see a police officer in person, offer some words of thanks. Law enforcement is often a thankless job, and many officers do not get the recognition they deserve. A few kind words of support may be all that is needed to brighten their day. I personally thank police officers when I see them. I thank them for their service to the community. Did you know Thank A Police Officer Day is in September of each year?

Pray Helps A Lot

Take the time to pray for all our police officers everywhere. Maybe when you go up to a police officer and thank them, maybe ask if you can pray over them. Pray for their protection, safety and wisdom. Maybe you can give them this Police Officers Prayer too. After all we are told to pray without ceasing. We should be praying for those who help to protect our cities, counties, community and state, etc.

Schedule a tour

Many police departments are more than willing to offer tours to youth groups, such as schools, scouting organizations, church groups and clubs. Giving children an insider look at the daily operations of a police department or other law enforcement office can be a positive moment in their lives. Children can learn at an early age how law enforcement works and what it means to be a good citizen. I know that when my daughter was in elementary school, they had “Truck Day” at school. The police officers, paramedics, firefighters, etc, all got to bring their vehicles for the kids to see.

Obey the law

One of the best ways to show respect for law enforcement officers is to obey the law. Should you be called out for an infraction, treat the officer or agent politely and comply with his or her requests. By obeying the law and compiling with what they say, we show respect for our fellow law enforcement officers. This also saves us from any type of escalation too.

Share a positive story

Use social media or your networking connections to share a story of how law enforcement helped you or did something worth noting. You see all kinds of these stories. Like police officers stopping and taking time to play basketball with children. Even officers stopping people and giving them ice cream.

Project Blue Light

Light up your porch or windows in blue light for the those men and women who died in the line of duty. Find out more about Project Blue Light!

Help out an officer

Oftentimes local businesses will provide discounted costs to officers or other law enforcement workers as a means of thanking them for their efforts. Such gestures may seem simple, but they are much appreciated. Anyone can do their part to show appreciation to the men and women who wear the uniform and keep our communities safe.  Maybe if you see a police officer in the business you are at, buy them a gift card or pay for their meal. Give them a note of saying thanks for all that you do!

Buy a Meal

You can show them thanks by paying for their meal at a restaurant or fast food place or give them a gift card to use to eat on for their next meal. Or even like we do for the fire station, bring cookies and other baked goodies to the local police department.

Survival Kit

Maybe you can also give them this Survival Kit For Law Enforcement Officers with some goodies inside. Don’t forget you can also give these men and women a nice note saying thank you too!

Kindness Rock

You could even paint Kindness Rocks in honor / support for police. I painted a Back the Blue Kindness Rock. I gave it to our deacon who is a K-9 Unit for the Highway Patrol. He said he knew exactly where to hide that rock. So you could paint some and hand them to police officers to choose to keep or hide!

Back the Blue Kindness Rock #BacktheBlue

Donate Items to your Local Police Officer or Department

Items to donate

  • Gift Cards
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • NEW Stuffed Animals (they use these for kids they across with)
  • You can check with your local police department for specific needs.

Other Ways

Below is a list from

• Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.
• Send a card of support to your local police department or state agency.
• Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.
• Ask children in your community to write letters in support of law enforcement.
• Participate in Project Blue Light – Proudly display your blue light in support of law enforcement.
• Organize an event or a rally in support of your law enforcement officers.
• Advertise your support through local media outlets/billboards.
• Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to your organization’s webpage or social media pages.

• Coordinate and/or participate in a Blue Blood Drive.

What are other ways you wish to share we can show appreciation to these fine men and women?

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2 thoughts on “How to show appreciation to the Law Enforcement Community

  1. To all police officers in our country,
    Regardless of the horrors of these last few weeks, you are very loved and treasured by the great majority, the majority that you won’t ever know in your hometown. The reason you won’t know us is because we want to be part of the solution and not the problem. We don’t break the law. We are proud of being good citizens. If people didn’t break the law, they wouldn’t have any contact with you! We are very aware of what is going on in this country. Jesse of Watter’s world will not be asking us questions every American should know, and we will not be giving ignorant answers. We are patriots and love our country, as you do!
    As an older citizen, when we grew up our parents schooled us as to what the police stood for and how you conducted yourself in their presence. They would say to us, “If a policeman stops you for whatever reason, you shut your mouth and listen to what he says. Don’t you dare disrespect them. Don’t you ever get smart with them or talk back to them, unless they ask you to explain! They represent the law of the land. God has laws and they work for God. You honor them, because they put their life in danger to protect us. Do you understand? ”
    Besides our parents telling us this, in school we would have assemblies where either neighborhood police or representatives would teach us how to address the police.
    The whole country knew this.
    I know these Black Lives Matter groups are saying they have a list of things that they are demanding to change the police department. Well, here are some laws that need to be made, before they ever show theirs. 1. We, the decent people, want the verbal abuse that people are giving the officers to stop. All it does is incense and provokes an officer. This disrespect has got to stop. If they want respect, they better give it. There is no job in America that has to put up with that personal abuse! If just watching it happen, makes us furious, what must an officer feel like. The police have authority and the citizens don’t. That law should be put into effect immediately. Anyone that swears or talks disrespectfully to the police should be fined $100.
    2. They want the police to stop using chokeholds. The only time a policeman would be using a chokehold is when someone is resisting arrest or when they are attacked. From now on, we feel that anyone who would dare resist arrest or who would dare assault a police officer during an arrest should receive a sentence of 3-5 years. Bystanders who attack police in ambush should get 5 plus years.
    3. Anyone fleeing from the police, should automatically receive a 5 year sentence and if they or the police injure any citizen in a chase, they should get sentenced for attempted murder, because they knew their actions could cause this, but they didn’t care.
    Protesters should be sentenced with attempted murder throwing bricks at policemen or others. Did you hear during one of the protests, they found baseball bats wrapped with barbed wire, to be used most likely on police, but would maim
    In Detroit, the people of that city were trying to ban car chases. These people want a license to be lawless, because they are lawless. There are cases of police brutality, but they are few. Anyone that kills a police officer should get the death penalty with electrocution. We know how much pressure the police are under and at our churches, we pray for all of you, especially the 91st Psalm for your protection.
    These people want the police departments defunded. These sanctuary states better find funds to pay for all the damage these people have perpetrated, burning and looting, and destroying police vehicles and buildings.
    When you think of what our country has gone through being in a big financial bind, yet trying to help our citizens and our country being in mourning with all our losses, but still bleeding- what American would do what these people have done to their own country- these traitors!
    Di Blasio getting rid of bail for thugs! What insanity is this? NYC administration is a disgrace and part of the plan to destroy our country with ANTIFA. No one marching in those protests has clean hands. Any decent person that planned to march and knew there were murderers killing cops marching alongside them and citizens burning and looting, etc., no matter what the cause, would flee those people and want no part of them. You wouldn’t buddy with them. No, they were all looking for trouble!
    Remember, most of the people are with you and care about the sacrifices your families have made for you and the suffering that these protests have put upon them. Imagine your children, hearing of so many policemen being killed everyday and seeing the madness on the street that their father or brother must endure? These are matters children shouldn’t be stressed from. We love you! Thank you for your time and patience reading this!
    Please stay close to God and put your trust in Him!

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