Greenlight A Vet

Greenlight A Vet: Show support for your Veterans by changing one light to green to show support and well-being for our vets.

Green Light A Vet Logo
Greenlight A Vet Logo

I have now had my greenlight on my porch going on four years now, 2015-2020. With the same green LED bulb. (It has a dark sensor on it, so it comes on at night)

Greenlight A Vet: Show support for your Veterans by changing one light to green to show support and well-being for our vets. Click To Tweet

Greenlight A Vet

Starting Veterans Day, change one light to green and keep it glowing every day as an ongoing symbol of support for our veterans. Let this green light be visible so all will see you honor our vets. We might not be able to see who all our vets are, because they are usually camouflaged in with us. This green light will show hope, renewal and well-being for our vets.

Veterans Day is celebrated November 11 each year, but keeping a green light lit all year long to show your support for those men and women who helped to keep our freedoms in our great nation.

I first learned of Greenlight A Vet at the Newport Cinema’s in Newport, TN while waiting to watch the Woodlawn in 2015.

Make sure you take a picture of the green light lit and hashtag it, #GreenLightAVet  on Social media!

I am also wanting to help show support by doing the text color of this blog entry to green too.

I purchased a LED Green light, I had to wait several weeks before Walmart got them back in stock back then. It took me also contact the company that made the green light too. I went with an LED light because it is cheaper to run than regular bulbs. Yes, it may cost a little bit more up front, but the long-term savings are worth it.

My Front Porch is Green has been green for almost three years now, 2018. So light up your porch green for Veterans! Is your porch light green? I want to hear from you, share your comments below.

I also use a sensor for the light to auto come on when it is dark.

Happy Veterans Day!

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First published November 8, 2015. Last republished or updated November 11, 2020. Amazon Affiliate Link Used.

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4 thoughts on “Greenlight A Vet

  1. Thank you for this blog post. The Greenlight A Vet team, of which I am a member, appreciates the support. I know that the demand has been high at Walmart so what you are seeing with an out of stock situation is an example the great participation that is happening. Thanks. -tom

  2. greenlightavet You are very welcome. Yes, the demand is very high and it seems even the warehouse and suppliers are out of them too. I would have thought Walmart would have prepared better for the higher demand. It does make it frustrating to try to find an LED one, since I’d say most Americans are in boots similar to mine. Want to save money where they can including electricity and using LED lights help with that. I hope that I start to see tons of green lights since area places are sold out as Walmart claims. Talking to a guy at Home Depot, blue lights done the same thing for them awhile back for support for Police Officers and Autism. Does anyone actually know when they will be back in stock again? The Walmart I went to today, gave me generic answer they give everyone its on order. Thanks for the comment.

  3. The other bulbs may be cheaper, but they do use more electricity, while the the newer LED types cost more up front, but uses less electricity. So you will save by paying more up front.

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