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Thank A Police Officer Day

Thank A Police Officer Day – When you see a police officer be sure to thank him or her for their service. I do this to everyone I pass. Including today, I did it at the place I ate lunch. Then, I noticed after that, what today was. I guess that is why they were asking people to wear blue, September 17, 2016, at the Vols Game against Ohio.

Thank A Police Officer Day

This day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of September each year. Actually this should be done daily! I thank a police officer when ever I come pass one by thanking them for their service to the community, county, city or state, etc. Not to mention, the same thing should be applied for firemen and firewomen and even military and veterans. Which, I do as well. I encourage you to do the same!

Thank A Police Officer Day
Norman Rockwell did this image here. Normal Rockwell is one of my favorite artist. I thought I would share this one from Rockwell featuring a little boy and a police officer.

I thank God for giving us Police to help serve and protect our communities, cities, states and more. These men and ladies in blue help protect us and often give their lives for us. Many thanks to the families of fallen police officers too for that family members service too.

Two Holidays Honoring Police Officers!

Yes, September is Thank a Police Officer Day, while January 9th is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! (L.E.A.D.)

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