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Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks. A simple painted rock hidden, can help spread kindness to others. While in Corbin, KY on Sunday, July 23, 2017. I saw a boy running and pick up something. I thought he had a geocache … But it wasn’t it was a kindness rock.

Kindness Rocks

Heather was simplyspokn and told me about them. On July 23, 2017, in Corbin, KY at the First Baptist of Corbin Garden by the river, Heather and I was just sitting and saw a boy running and picked up a painted rock. As I mentioned above, I thought he found a geocache, but he didn’t. He actually found a kindness rock. Heather briefly told me about kindness rocks. This young boy found a good size rock, however, you can make smaller ones to hide.

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Kindness Rocks (Screen Shot from Google Images) Also called Ark Rocks, Rocks of Kindness. #KindnessRocks

Kindness Rocks have been popping up all over the United States. I have a list of some Facebook Groups on these Kindness Rocks. That exactly is the point that people everywhere will start doing these kindness rocks. You might also hear them called Art Rocks or Hidden Rocks instead of Kindness Rocks. Another name you might here them called are Rocks of Kindness.

Maybe you can get your church, ministry, youth group, business, small group, Sunday School class, etc. to do this as a group.

Kindness Rock Facebook Groups

Feel free to leave a comment with your local Facebook Kindness Rock Group Page and I just might be able to add it to the list above. So come back for a complete list of Facebook Groups.

How To Get Started

  1. Buy some rocks to paint
  2. Get some painting supplies such as paint, sharpies, gloss, etc.
  3. Get creative and paint/decorate these rocks
  4. Each Community will have a form of hashtag for it’s Kindness Rock movement
  5. Make sure to add some kind of sealant around the rocks
  6. Then Hide them through out your town or community

If you go on vacation, maybe take some or make some there and hide them around there.

Places to Hide Kindness Rocks

  • Front Doors of Stores & Businesses
  • Churches
  • Gas Pumps
  • Inside of Parks or Attractions
  • Schools

Feel free to share places you have hidden or found any of these Rocks of Kindness in the comments below.

Places to Not to Hide Kindness Rocks

  • Vehciles
  • Streets or Intersections
  • Dangerous Locations
  • Personal Property
  • Private Businesses
  • Funeral Homes
  • Inside a business
  • Do not hunt or hide in the dark
  • Children shouldn’t hunt or hide by themselves

Feel free to share other places you shouldn’t hide or hunt these Rocks of Kindness at in the comments below.

I found a Kindness Rock

If you found a kindness rock, you can keep the rock or re-hide the rock for someone else to find. I even heard businesses will give you a treat or a discount at their business if you bring the rock back in. Then they will go back out and hide that rock again.

If you found a Kindness Rock, please feel free to share with me about your hind. What did the rock look like? Where and when did you find it? Also feel free to find your local community Facebook Group page for Kindness Rocks and join it and share about your find there too. People like to know their rock was found! Please be respectful when you post too.

Also be respectful or private property too. Do not take rocks from people’s property either! People pay good money to have rocks laid in their yard for landscaping. This is considered stealing. Do not poach and take rocks from Parks, etc. Taking rocks from State and Government parks is illegal! This also includes taking rocks from railroad tracks too! It is best you just go buy some rocks to paint from a craft store!

Fruit of the Spirit

Kindness is part of the fruit a Christian will show when they are a Christian.

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Find more about Kindness Rocks at thekindnessrocksproject.com

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