John Harper, Baptist Pastor, Hero aboard Titanic

John Harper is one of the people I got to learn about on a visit to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN on May 10, 2014, I got to talk to one of the crew members, Ron, who talked to me about John Harper, Pastor & also known as the Last Titanic Hero. I just hope I could do the same thing if I was in a predicament Harper was. #Ttanic #JohnHarper #LastTitanicHero #TitanicHero

John Harper, Baptist Pastor, Hero aboard Titanic

John Harper, Pastor
John Harper, Pastor

One of the stories he told me about was how he went around making sure the people were saved before their bit of time on earth. One of these stories was when Harper was in the water on driftwood. Another man was on driftwood too. They came close to each other. Harper went up to him and asked him how is is soul. The man replied, he wasn’t sure. The current pushed them apart. Later they came back together. He again asked the man again how is his soul? The man replied again, he wasn’t sure. Just then, Harper went under the water to his grave. Ron continues to tell me that this other man accepted Jesus and he ended up being one of the survivors aboard the Titanic.

I was wondering about the souls of those aboard the Titanic. If anyone was trying to save them. What a way to go, Harper gave up his life to see that everyone else was saved. Jesus did say those who lose their life for me, will gain their life.

John Harper’s Boarding Pass

On one of my visits to the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, I got there early and asked if they had John Harper’s boarding pass and they looked through the stack and gave me it. (Shown Below)

Titanic Museum Boarding Pass for Reverend John Harper #JohnHarper #Titanic #TitanicMuseum (Front)
Titanic Museum Boarding Pass for Reverend John Harper (Back)

Reverend John
2nd Class Passenger Age: 39
Residence: London, England

Bless you, my friend, and welcome aboard. I’m the Reverend John Harper, a Baptist minister. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.

Titanic Museum Boarding Pass for Reverend John Harper #JohnHarper #Titanic #TitanicMuseum (Back)
Titanic Museum Boarding Pass for Reverend John Harper (Back)

I became a widower after my wife died during childbirth; however, I remained single and raised our daughter, Annie, on my own. It’s against my faith to boast, yet it’s quite humbling to know how highly respected I
am by the members of my London congregation.

Over the years my reputation grew, and I began to enjoy popularity as a Christian voice at revivals and preaching assemblies in Great Britain and the United States. In fact, a 1911 evangelical appearance in the States proved so successful that church elders invited me to participate in their 1912 revival at the Moody Church in Chicago. I brought Annie with me this trip, along with her aunt, Jessie Leitch. The evening before the collision, I’d stood on deck with Jessie to admire the sunset. “It will be beautiful in the morning,” I told her. Little did I know that Annie, Jessie and I may not live to see it.

John Harper (May 29, 1872 – April 15, 1912) was a pastor from Great Britain. He began preaching by the age of 18. Harper was 39 years old when he gave up his life. It is said he was preaching the gospel the whole time the ship was sinking and while he was in the frigid water. Shouting Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved. Which is a passage from Acts 16:31.

Ron suggested I read the book, The Titanic’s Last Hero, published by Moody Adams. He told me to check it out in the gift shop. Well, we all know gift shops are very pricey. At the Titanic Museum it was very pricey. Like most people, I often turn to the internet and research buys like this. Which I found used online for 18 cents, plus $3.99 shipping. I am not saying to not buy it from the museum, but I am more of a thrifty shopper. If I wasn’t on a limited budget, I would have been glad to pay that price. I am just suggesting another option.

The first chapter was summed up with what Ron told me at the Titanic

The Titanic, hit an iceberg and started to go down April 14, 1912 around 10:40 p.m.. It fully sank a short time after on April 15, 1912 around 2:20 a.m.. From reading the first chapter, it showed that Harper cared for those who were lost, because he knew what awaited them if they didn’t come to Christ. He even put his daughter on a lifeboat knowing that she would now be both fatherless and motherless, since her mother passed away before they went on the Titanic voyage. His daughter, Nana, later married a minister and even dedicated her life to Christ like her father did.

The book shows that Harper was no stranger to near death experiences with drowning. They book shows you a few examples of that. Harper also showed by staying on the boat, knowing he would perish, but he know that Jesus already defeated death and he knew where he would go … Heaven.

Harper was even trying to win people to Christ even before the Titanic hit the iceberg, he was seen witnessing to others the night before.

From the stories I have heard and seen. I believe he is a hero. Some may say well he didn’t do this or that. I believe anyone who gives up their life to make sure others are saved and will go to Heaven is a hero. We need more brave men and woman to take a stand and face running into a burning building or staying on a sinking ship to see others get saved. The Bible tells us those who lose their life for my sake, gain their life. (See Matthew 10:39, Matthew 16:25, Mark 8:35, Luke 9:24, John 12:25)

We are all called to share Christ no matter what. You can learn more by checking out The Great Commission!

Below is a video just over 6 minutes. Watch this video about John Harper.

Anyone who saves a soul from going to hell is a hero, I personally believe. 

I also believe that Jesus was our Ultimate Super Hero (Click to Read More)

If you want to learn more about John Harper, Pastor & Hero, then I recommend you checking out the book and also paying a visit to The Titanic Museum and talk to the Titanic Crew about him.

Would you run around a sinking ship to say believe in Jesus Christ or would you try to save your own life?

No greater love than one to lay down their own life for another. This also means their soul to be saved. John 15:13

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Ron from the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, TN
The Titanic’s Last Hero, published by Moody Adams
YouTube Video on John Harper

Titanic Museum Review | John Harper – Last Titanic Hero
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