Linus shares What Christmas Is All About & Drops His Blanket Doing It

This is a video segment from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie Brown asked if anyone can tell him what Christmas is really about and Linus gives it to him real. Linus drops his security blanket too! He breaks out scripture to explain about Jesus’s birth as found in the Gospel of Luke Chapter 2 #CharlieBrown #CharlieBrownChristmas #Linus #ChristmasStory

the life book movement saturating the schools with the gospel

Are you a youth leader, minister or director or even pastor of church? Would you like to get your youth involved in handing out the Gospel in their school and to their friends/peers? #thelifebook #lifebook #ccf #SYATP #SeeYouAtThePole #WECryOut

Fear Is A Liar (Official Music Video) by Zach Williams

Fear he is a liar, He will take your breath, Stop you in your steps, Fear he is a liar, He will rob your rest, Steal your happiness, Cast your fear in the fire, Cause fear he is a liar. Fear Is A Liar (Official Music Video) by Zach Williams – A wonderful Christian song about fear being a lair and what fear can rob you of and take from you. This is the official music video and lyrics. A Must listen! #FearIsALiar #ZachWilliams

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